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Based on recommendations we have received from the Gravity Project community to-date, we have drafted a set of data use principles for electronic health information exchange.  Data Exchange for Equitable Health and Social Care.  Click here to download the draft Gravity Project Community and Patient Principles for Electronic Health Information Exchange and Data Stewardship documentPrinciples of Data Exchange for Equitable Health and Social Care Document.   The following are the overarching concepts included in this document:

  • Important Benefits for Individual Health
  • Important Benefits for Improving Personal Health Outcomes
  • Improving Population Health
  • Inclusivity and Equality
  • Universal Design, Accessibility, and Interoperability
  • Privacy and Security
  • Preventing Misuse of Health Data
  • Partnership and HIT Literacy
  • Accountability
  • Enforcement
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Collection Limitation
  • Purpose Specification and Minimization
  • Data Integrity and Quality
  • Use and Disclosure Limitation
  • Individual Participation and Control
  • Local Control


In 2010, leading consumer, health, and civil rights organizations released a set of consumer and patient principles for ensuring that electronic health information exchange and medical records benefit patients and communities, too.  The nine overarching principles cover the following:


  • Equity
  • Ensuring Personal Control
  • Designing Appropriate Solutions 
  • Ensuring Accountability
  • Preventing, Reducing, and Remediating Harm