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Cooper Thompson  (Epic) 2pm Central US


Irma Jongeneel HL7 Netherlands 9pm CET Europe


Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) 5am-6am AEST

Line Saele () 9pm CET Europe

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2020-09 HL7 WGM & Connectathon (virtual)
  • 2020-11 FHIR DevDays Conference Amsterdam
  • 2021-01 HL7 WGM Henderson Nevada


  1. Social interaction: Each participant to share a positive moment/thought in these concerning times
  2. September Virtual WGM: Discussion on how this could really work for PA
  3. Encounter restructuring
  4. Tracker Items


Encounter Restructuring

There was a question as to whether the encounter table found in Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ... was filled in. Could not find where, if it was filled in.

The WG continued looking at the Encounter History and Movements. The group reviewed the participation history and whether that remains as part of the Encounter, with the idea that those things that change during the span of the encounter might be pulled into another element, while static elements should stay within the encounter. The WG reviewed which is a sort of white paper dealing with historic movements within HL7. The WG looked at the Encounter resource to review "movements". The WG discussed whether the convention should be to have individual Movement elements for each Encounter element that can have movements or whether there should have one for each one that can have a movement and update the status. The WG reviewed "stories" to work through what should create a "movement" record and how many should be created based on workflow scenarios. Some questions were put forth. All was documented at Encounter History and Movements.

Future Agenda Topics:

May 2020: Encounter breakdown review - attachment on this page Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ... (if time permits)