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Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

(15 min)

Welcome newcomers

Casey Thompson

Approval of this Agendayes as modified during meeting

Prior call Minutes approvalyes

co-chair nominations and elections

Send nominations to: by June 15.   While you can just submit your name, often people submit a short bio as you can see here: 

We need at least one more person other than Debi/Dave/Virginia to run.  However, if anyone is interested please nominate yourself.  Voting will occur in the summer.  

HL7 point of policy:

  • list servers (and most likely chat) cannot be used for "campaigning". 
  • You will need to be subscribed to the list server and be a member of HL7 to vote and must be a member to run for a co-chair position.

Other updates?

PE WG projects 

(30 min)

Patient Contributed Data

Discussed draft proposal. Maria moved to approve Jan's draft, Nancy seconded. Unanimous except 1 abstain. — by the of meeting Jan already submitted it to HL7: 


Future call:
Lisa to present Care Planning WG's work

Other WGs' project proposals that we might follow

Others' project proposals: examples:i - Vital Signs Project, Recent Consent Project, and  "Account, Payments, and Statements" 

Accounts, Payments and Statements Project Scope Statement

See heading 2a, "Primary/Sponsor WG"

Note, that this one's a project SCOPE statement, not the brief Project Proposal

Which should we be following?  How do we spot them and what do we do about them?   How do you-all do this in other groups?

HL7 Project Proposals page link:

The project proposals space in confluence:

And in Jira:




Being a co-sponsor of a project is a much bigger obligation than being an "interested party." The latter only gets occasional notification of news.


This subject is tabled for now. All of HL7 needs our voice but there's a big question of who in our modest group is going to take on responsibility for doing whatever we'd be agreeing to do.


John Moehrke presented for 20 minutes on the work in CBCP.  Link to the GoToMeeting recording.  John's part is the last 25 minutes:

Mikhael Mikael expressed interest in following consents.  

We need to have John continue presenting more.

Adjournment2:05 pm