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Q1Joint with EHR (Hosting) and CBCP, FHIR-I, SEC, SOA

See EHR minutes


FHIR IG planning

John gave an overview of the concept having a library with "reusable" IGs based on current work on cross paradigm IG.

Set up a usecase specific library with IGs. Principle: anybody needs an IG to implement a specific security related use case - go to the library, find a similar one, replicate and adopt it.

Started a confluence page to draft a list of usecases as possible candidates. See Security and Privacy IG Library



Joint with FHIR-I (SEC Hosting)

Carry over topics if required.

Dave Pyke to lead.

: No topics, no FHIR-I representative.

Security WG Housekeeping

Review Project Management, WG Health,  Governance, and post-WGM Tasks

Project Management

WG Health

Infrastructure Steering Division WG Health Report


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  • Interim Conference Call set up

Dave Pyke to lead.

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Alex & Trish

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