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Management Minutes Approval2019-12-04 Meeting Agenda

FHIR-Based Quality Reporting White Paper - Consider Co-sponsorship

No comments, fine with it being CQI

CDS Hooks Ballot Approval

Reviewed content, Isaac Vetter moved approval of submission for ballot, Tom Reese seconds: 12-0-0

Work Group Health and Project Metrics

Update PSS for FHIR-based context aware knowledge retrieval - 1280 (Guilherme)

Update PSS for Composite Knowledge Artifact Conceptual Model - 1374 (Lorraine)

Update PSS for EBM-on-FHIR - 1422 (Brian Alper)

Update PSS for PDDI - 1405 (Proposed ballot in May)

Close project for VMR DAM - 939 - Ken/Floyd: 13-0-0

Close project for Harmonization of Reasoning - 1049 - Floyd/Juliet: 13-0-0

CDS Knowledge Artifact Specification - 931 - Update PSS, reach out to Lorraine

DSS IG - 1018 - Trial Use - Update milestone, keeping STU alive to support implementations, target to close: Dec 2021

Clinical Reasoning/CDS Hooks - 1234 - Update next target to ballot CDS Hooks in May 2020/Clinical Reasoning as part of FHIR R5

Sydney WGM Agenda

20192020-02 Sydney WGM

All WGM Agendas: WGM Information - February 2 - 7, 2020, Sydney, Australia

If you plan on attending Sydney, please fill out this Doodle: (results are private and will only be used to facilitate meeting planning)

FHIR TrackersReviewed outstanding and proposed dispositions for several trackers

CQL STU Errata

Ballot Reminder

Project Updates


 Next agenda

Next two calls cancelled, meeting again on Jan 8th

 Adjourned at 1:00ET