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This page will be used to post CTO and project team updates related to the implementation of Confluence and Jira Collaboration software at HL7.

September 2019 CTO Tooling Update


  • A Working Group Meeting Information page is now available for the Atlanta WGM and will be updated for all future WGMs.  This includes links to individual WG agendas as well as other general information (such as eb Seaid to first-timers).  This page is consistent with the EventMobi app.
  • The Confluence and JIRA apps are being migrated to Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, which will improve availability and scalability.
  • Testing of JIRA to replace Tracker has been successfully completed.  The TSC will soon release plans for migrating issue tracking from Tracker to JIRA later this year.
  • Additional spaces have been recently defined for several new Accelerator projects and other initiatives. 
  • Remember to check for other news updates.

June 2019 CTO Tooling Update