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  • We will leverage the ongoing work from the O&O HL7v2-to-FHIR mapping project where possible, however PDex will have its variations for a number of reasons:
    • The HL7v2-to-FHIR worksheet mappings contain segments from HL7v2.7 (e.g.: PRT).  Most HL7v2 messages received by payers in our use case are v2.5.1 or v2.3. 
    • PDex will align with US Core R4 which will impose further constraints on cardinality and coding systems not in these mappings.
    • Payer-relevant elements and coding systems may further extend or constrain the FHIR target mappings.
  • HL7v2.5.1 will be the source data standard which will be mapped to FHIR.  While there are other more recent versions of HL7v2, version 2.5.1 is cited for CLIA conformance.
  • Semantic mappings might be approximate in cases where the term descriptions are ambiguous. 
  • Structural mappings might not align in several ways noted below:
    • cardinality
    • data type
    • non-existent elements