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  • Introductions Round Table (10 min)
    1. Confirm proxies and quorum - 19 
    2. Current Membership = 35
    3. Quorum for Decisions (40%=14), Directions (33%=12), Financial Decisions (51%=18) 
  • Secretary Report (5 min)
    • Review agenda
    • Approval of Minutes - San Antonio - Minutes
      • Motion to approve the minutes from San Antonio: Ed Hammond/Catherine Chronaki - 17-0-2
    • Affiliate Director Position
      • Reminder to submit nominations
    • Affiliate Representatives to the TSC
      • Reminder to submit nominations
      • Talk to Giorgio if you have questions
  • Review of Budget and Financial Requests (15 min)
    • Funding Request - HL7 Poland

      • Partial funding of organization of International HL7 Interoperability Conference (IHIC 2019) in Warsaw, Poland in October 2019

        • Request submitter:Roman Radomski, Chair of HL7 Poland

        • Amount requested: USD 2000

        • Purpose: The IHIC has 18 year long history as a successful event and this year the conference will be organized by HL7 Poland in Warsaw. The conference format will be slightly modified to as it has been proposed and accepted by HL7 International Council at 2018 WGM in Baltimore. Most of the organization costs and financial risk is covered by HL7 Poland.

        • Deliverable: Organization of 2-days conference in Warsaw, Poland, in October 2019

        • Recipient:HL7 Poland 

    • Funding Request: HL7 Japan - tentative request
    • Remind that all funding requests require a formal funding request with 30 day notification period
  • HL7 Asia Pacific meeting - June 6-7, 2019
    • Presented on the upcoming Asia Pacific meetings in June
    • abstracts can be sent to
    • June 7 - business meeting and invited to JAMI Symposium reception
    • June 8 - Morning: Lecture by Prof. Ed Hammond, Dr. HidehisaSoejima(Best LHS in Japan) and Prof. Jun Nakaya(Standards on Genomics); Afternoon: Presentations
    • Fly to Haneda/Tokyo (not Narita) - and direct flights to Kumamoto
  • HL7 Business Plan/ Proposed HL7 Implementers Community Strategy
    • reviewed the work that has been started
    • Looking for 4 International Council members to be part of the group that is working on this
    • Concerns about having the same membership fees for each affiliates - will be a show stopper for many affiliates
    • Concerns about having the "government" member type
    • Include student member type
    • Suggest that a consistent structure could be useful and aligned to
    • Economies are very different - maybe "in kind" could be considered 
    • Allow flexibility and consider local characteristics and legal structures of Affiliates
    • Silver - no voting rights and get free access to IP - not sure why anyone will join as a Silver Member
    • Suggest that Affiliates could map what they have to the proposed membership structure as input into this discussion
    • Perhaps needs to be less granular than what is proposed
    • Rights for voting - 
      • perceived advantage to Affiliates for voting - may not care about voting on international standards
    • Suggest adding Non-Member to the Membership Structure
    • Perhaps adding some rationale for changes would be useful
    • Need to consider as part of the business model and revenue streams
      • What is in it for me with respect to Affiliates
    • Perhaps a Community Member category - 
      • goal is to bring FHIR community to HL7 - can be implementers
    • Members are the contributors of our products, not necessarily the consumers of the products
    • Need to determine how we work asynchronously but also ensure all Affiliate Chairs are able to see/contribute
    • The draft Membership Structure is part of the Business Model discussion
    • Would like to get the stats for Affiliate membership
    • Need to understand what is being paid for
    • Understand the benefit of being an HL7 Affiliate
    • Membership of the Sub-Committee from IC
      • expect bi-weekly conference calls for 60-90 minutes
      • hope to do work through email/Confluence
      • Suggest that the Affiliate Directors be involved - Line and Diego
      • HL7 Australia - need to recognize the difficulty with time zones
      • Catherine
      • Share via Confluence for Affiliates

Action Items

  •  Melva Petersto send funding request notification for HL7 Poland request
  •  Micihio will send presentation to International list - HL7 Asia Pacific
  •  Walter Suarez to provide slide deck on Business Model