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Virginia Lorenzi



Virginia Lorenzi   

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Sandra Stuart

HL7 Organization Support Co-Chair/ Process Improvement
xxxJoshua Procious


HL7 Organization Support Co-Chair/ EAC

David Burgess

Electronic Services & Tools

Electronic Services & Tools

Michael van der Zel

Electronic Services & Tools


Electronic Services & Tools/Publishing

Richard Haddorff

Project Services


Project Services

@james agnew


Dave Hamill

HL7 PMO Office (nonvoting)


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Report OutProject Services

Rick is participating in Austin's standards classification work team - being prepped for May.  Dave Hamill will be acting co-chair for May WGM.  Migrated all minutes and agenda to confluence. Still need to migrate tracking items. 80% of new items that came in used the confluence online version.  The new version is a smarter form with logic that reduces how much you have to fill in.  Making list of artifacts and sent to Austin - alot of their stuff is on the TSC guidance page.

Report OutESTChanged DMP chair+3 for quorum and chair +2 for direction setting.  Wayne is slowing moving HL7 web structure to AWS S3 EA Cloud.  Testing it.  Will discuss at WGM.  Can create urls with

Publishing2.9 is on the ballot.  Still pursuing merger with EST.  Discussion Wednesday Q1 at WGM.  The new name might be Digital Services.  Defining base level quality standards for all no matter what your artifact is (V2 style guide is way too specific).  Discussed a merged management group which would put V3 and Arden Syntax together.  

EducationMember advantage webinars highly attended.  Has funding proposals for new educational offerings.  Looking for more FHIr instructors, especially US based.
A new workgroup may be forming to support projects that cross many workgroups.  More information expected at WGM.
 Adjourned at 2:28

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