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To test clinical fitness-for-purpose of the ClinicalImpression resource. The usecase and scenario are defined so that the instance/contents can be reused in the CarePlan usecase of the Card Coordination track

Report out

Several attendees expressed satisfaction with the new tool, ConMan. New attendees were able to begin using the tool (once it was explained that it is not a poorly designed EHR).

There was discussion of the role clinicians play in this exercise, with varying levels of enthusiasm and skepticism. John suggested the tool might make a good “veneer” on FHIR.

Pharmacy noted that the tool helped them identify a terminology issue: SNOMED CT changed the medication model, and the medication form value set broke.

Care Coordination leveraged work done at the connectathon as a baseline and used use cases about security, behavioral health, clinical impression, and social determinants of health to identify gaps.

Emergency care examined modifiable emergency intake questionnaires, to support the case where a health department might need to distribute a new question to hospitals in its geography.