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Track overview

Short Description

This track focuses on FHIR based RESTFUL exchange of orders from an EHR to a supplier or supplier HIT (or Hub) and the ability to update the order after order fulfillment.

Long Description

Ability to define a Post-Acute FHIR based Order (PAO) for DME and Home Health Services to facilitate order exchange between the ordering provider and the DME supplier or the Home Health Agency.

Test: To send a message bundle with a Task, Subscription, Order (e.g. DeviceRequest) and supporting documentation). The receiver (supplier, service provider, HUB) is able to receive it, respond back to the message, instantiate the Task, and has the ability to respond back to the ordering provider’s subscription with an alert or Task order when the Task is updated. We also want to test the ability to exchange an updated and cancel for the order or cancel the order.


Submitting Work Group/Project/Accelerator/Affiliate/Implementer Group

Post-acute Order Referral Workgroup (for Orders and Observations)

Proposed Track Lead

Nandini Ganguly, ScopeInfoTechInc


Supporting Role: Robert Dieterle,

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FHIR Version

  • FHIR R4

Specification(s) this track uses

Implementation Guide Link: 

Artifacts of focus

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Clinical input requested (if any)

Not Required

Patient input requested (if any)

Not Applicable

Expected participants

EHR vendors, DME suppliers or DME order management systems and home health agency technology suppliers . If interested please email us at 

Zulip stream

Zulip chat link for this session:

Track Orientation

A webinar will be hosted about this track on Monday Aug 17, 12 noon - 1:00 pm ET. Dial in details below


Join Zoom Meeting -  | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York) | Find your local number:

Track details

System Roles

Role 1: Order creation system – creates and send FHIR based orders for DME and/or Home Health Services (should prepare in advance but may build at connectathon)