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Financial Management WG / DaVinci

Proposed Track Lead

Saul Kravitz (

David Hill  ( 

Related tracks

Da Vinci PDex

Da Vinci PDex Formulary

This track will use the R4 version of FHIR.

Specification(s) this track uses


Provide information about the date & time at which a webinar will be hosted to share further participation information about this track.  (Mandatory)

System Roles

Local Requester (Client)

An application that can query a FHIR server implementing the Plan-net IG in support of provider or consumer use cases.


Payer Directory (aka Plan-net) (Server)

A server that makes provider data available.



Note: Scenarios are based on those from previous VhDir Connectathons, in some cases slimmed down due to the differences between VhDir and Plan-Net, or because current test data doesn't support the scenario well.   Illustrative queries for each scenario are found in the associated postman collection.

Find details on an individual practitioner

These actions allow the Local Requester to find current, detailed information on a practitioner from a Validated Healthcare Directory to support local workflow. Expected uses include verifying the local data is current e.g. address, license status, accepting new patients, etc.


Success Criteria: Visual inspection of data.

Find details on an individual organization

Scenario 3: Request data on an individual  Organization


Success Criteria: Visual inspection of data.

Find details on a provider and their organizational relationships

Scenario 5: Request Organization data for a specific Provider