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Comment: added scenario for additional columns


Bonus point: Correct pagination is handled, as well as any other relevant details that may need to be gathered by invoking other queries against the server (for example, data related to the most recent encounter).

FHIR Server includes additional "columns" in patient list

Action: FHIR Server returns Group resource with an extension referencing a Questionnaire resource, and an extension referencing a QuestionnaireResponse resource per patient

Precondition: A group is defined in a provided FHIR Server in such a way that any participant can read it. Questionnaire exists which defines additional list columns.

Success Criteria: The client parses extensions.

Bonus point: Client validates questionnaireresponses against questionnaire.


The test scripts for server developers are still a work in progress, but the clients developers can configure their software to connect to a provided FHIR Server.