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Action: Public Health FHIR server will store the populated CAP SDC form in a database for the cancer registry program to query data. When Public Health FHIR server receives a QUERY for the CAP SDC form data, then the SDC Form elements will be used to create FHIR Observations. Precondition: Public Health FHIR server receives FHIR Document Reference with completed CAP SDC form included as an attachment from laboratory. Success Criteria: CAP SDC form XML data is stored in database on Public Health FHIR server for querying by cancer registry program. Query request creates FHIR Observations with requested data and returns data to cancer registry.

Create a Discretely Mapped Electronic Pathology Report

Action: Laboratory system uses FHIR REST API to POST a discretely mapped electronic pathology FHIR bundle to Public Health FHIR server. Precondition: Laboratory has mapped completed CAP SDC form to discrete electronic pathology report FHIR data elements and creates a FHIR bundle. Success Criteria: Cancer registry system and/or electronic health record (EHR) system retrieves the discretely mapped electronic pathology FHIR bundle from the Public Health FHIR server.