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Comment: Preliminary - see item in red

Chairs:  Virginia LorenziDebi Willis

Scribe: Dave deBronkart





Dave deBronkartDave deBronkartx
Virginia Lorenzi
Debi Willisx
Lloyd McKenziex
Rachel Richessonx

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lush
Lisa Nelsonx
Jan Oldenburgx
Marie Moenx
Abigail Watsonx
John Moehrke
John Keyesx
Terrie Reed
Jose Costa Teixeira
Bart Carlson

Casey ThompsonCasey R. Thompsonx
Didi Davis - VP @ Sequoia Project
Olivier Karasira

Laura Bright (OneRecord)

Michelle Barry


Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

(10 min)

Welcome newcomers


AnnouncementRachel Richesson has students in last semester of a 2 year nursing informatics program who may be able to help. Reach out to her.
OrganizationApproval of this Agendadone

Prior call Minutes (7/9/20) approvalNot possible - postponed (original minutes got mashed, need to recover them)done
10 minIt's HL7 election time - through end of July.

Virginia will was absent - was going to present her recommendation that our WG vote for Riki Ulrich for ASD Co-chair. Assuming we agree, she will now submit our vote.

  • Lloyd reviewed how this works in HL7.  No objections to Riki were heard.


  • Vote to re-elect your Work Group chairs.  Watch your email for subject line "Your Invitation to Vote" by mid-day on July 1. If you have not received an invitation but feel you are eligible to vote, please contact Linda Johnson at  (If you're a member of multiple groups you'll get one email for each, with a unique voter ID.)
    • These emails went to anyone on the WG's listserv. You can vote whether or not you're a paid member of HL7.
  • HL7 members can also vote for board members

PE WG projects 

(30 min)

Instead of covering all 4 projects weekly, with a tiny time slot for each, your co-chairs decided we'll grant time slots each week to whoever has something to present. Default for now will be 1-2 projects each week, alternating as the need arises.   

Updated WG priorities document is here - reformatted to clarify next steps for each. Please review!

Co-chairs (led by Virginia) will be shepherding our two PSS's through the HL7 process 

Corrections to the Record (Debi & Abigail)

We'd like to learn of various workflows, to support automating them in FHIR. Simple example with my (Dave deBronkart's) PCP: (we just had this happen)

  • Patient declares something's wrong.
  • Provider & patient negotiate what should change, if anything
  • Provider gives it to someone in IT

Notes from the meeting:

Lisa Nelson tells us that some HL7 project proposals take the form of patient stories ("user stories" ... which explain how the project will deliver value). My example above is a very condensed example or outline of one.   Need to find the HL7 page on user stories

Ultimately we figure this will lead to an implementation guide (IG) but Lisa warns it can be a big big project. Better to start with a smaller part of the elephant.

Debi shared Patient requests to amend PHI implementation specs HIPAA and GDPR.docx (in our WG's Documents sidebar) - a visual representation of the sequence of events for the US "implementation sequence" - how the process works in the US, with notes on difference with GDPR.

Possible patient examples cited: 

  • Morgan Gleason's "no I have not been pregnant twice" (her DevDays talk)
  • LA Lupus Lady says she frequently has to correct her doc's notes because of important errors/omissions.

Lloyd: 2 approaches to corrections - "please make this change in this record" vs "here is the full corrected record" ... we need to be clear about the difference, & different business processes.  Abigail: also second opinion consultations, and import/export to/from a previous provider's system.

Did not get to this - carry forward to next week

Patient Contributed Data
(Jan & Maria) - continue where Jan left off in last week's minutes

But add this from today's discussion of Corrections, above:

Jan notes that we should (in a white paper?) take into account the evolving practice of OurNotes (co-generated visit notes). (Dave thought:  imagine the drafting and evolution of a visit note in the same way people collaborate on a Google Doc before its release ... or should this belong under patient CONTRIBUTED data below??)

PSS-1655 - Create a white paper on patient contributed data. 

New note: Purpose suggested by Virginia in the PSS: "to define patient contributed data and the work done to standardize interoperability in the field up to this point as well as consideration of gaps and needs and recommendations)"

  • Jan & Maria to provide updates. 
  • Update on intersection of provenance and PCD - see huge Zulip thread.


HL7 process (if time allows)See Virginia's email titled "HL7 101 Continued" re HL7 balloting process. 

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