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12 noon EDT (UTC-5)



  • Review of status
  • Critical items to complete
  • Pilot testing
  • Other longer term items

Discussion items





1mRoll call and agenda check


  • Call started at 12:05PM EDT with quorum reached.  
15mReview of status Ted/Jess
  1. Content Issues
  2. Due to an unfortunate snafu, the coremif from March 2019 (1436) was used to generate release 1.0.0 instead of the December 2019 version (1451).  Work is underway to fix the issue
  3. Due to another unfortunate breakdown in communication, the incorrect FHIR resources were imported
    1. The generated ones with the narrative instead of the git ones that are the source of truth
    2. Work underway with Grahame to fix this
  4. BitBucket/SourceTree issues
    1. The instructions clearly state that the type of branch to be created in BitBucket/Sourcetree when drafting a proposal is "Custom".  People don't read these instructions.   Other types cause a extra folder in the branch tree to be created with breaks the branch build.   This needs better focus for the Submitters.
      1. Work is complete to fix the import issue
      2. The FHIR resources imported incorrectly with narrative have been fixed.
      3. Due to a timing issue, the FHIR resources for the R5 preview site were updated with their versions after the R4.0.1 versions were imported
        1. Work is underway with Grahame to fix this in UTG; not yet done
    1. Workflow issues
    2. Significant permissions and algorithm issues were discovered in the JIRA settings for the UP project late last week
    3. Most of these were fixed yesterday by Josh and Ted
    4. Needs further testing
        1. All known issues addressed
        2. Voting status update done
      1. First education Webinar complete, remaining 3 in work.
        1. Intro for the community at large; available at   
          Widget Connector
      2. UTG Pilot underway
          1. Eight proposals are in Consensus Review
          2. See Participating in UTG Pilot Testing for feedback, issues, etc.
          3. Still desperately in need of folks to vote so we can run through the approved proposal workflows
        1. We have formulated the Education and Rollout plan
          1. We will begin recording some webinars next week
        Latest Publisher 0.0.100 to fix issues with the effective date range rendering in Naming System resourcesWe will implement
        1. Working on a workflow solution for generating new OIDs for internal (UTG) code systems and value sets that are created
      3. For now, Ted will generate them manually until we have the workflow solution debugged.
          1. We have implemented a Confluence form for this
        hopefully later this week.
          1. which is at OID Generation 
        1. Note that we STILL do not have the finalized policy on Code System versioning.  This is critical.
        15mGovernance Policy on UnificationTed/Rob Hausam

        Still waiting for Rob Hausam


        to put in


        his Pilot proposal to do the final unification of ObservationInterpretation.

          He posed questions as to what do we do with the code systems and value sets that are NOT moving forward, but are being replaced by the unified system.   We have never formally articulated the policy on this, and need to.  We need to do it here and reach consensus, and bring our recommendation to the main Vocab call later this week

        For unification of terminology artifacts:

        1.  Code Systems
          1. Which tabs (product families right now) are they on?    These are the places that must be unified.
          2. Do we want to keep one going forward (perhaps with small changes accommodated by our versioning policy) and do away with the others?  Or create a new artifact that will replace the others?
          3. Either way, one or more of the existing ones will be done away with.  This means:
            1. Deprecate the old object(s).   Document the reason in the code system description/definition field as a change to the status, when, and why.    In bold heading, e.g.  "Deprecated because unification triggered replacement by CodeSystem/v3-ObservationInterpretation June 20, 2020."
            2. The Hx tracking Provenance entry needs the data and versioning and the description shortened perhaps, such as 'status changed to Deprecated
            3. Move the entries for the ones being deprecated from the product family tabs to the "Deprecated/Retired" tab
            4. Move the one being kept (or the new one) to the Unified tab (from where it was, or a new entry)
        2. Value Sets
          1. We believe it is the same process, but ran out to time to work through in detail.
        3. Note this solution requires a change to the text labeling of the 'retired' tab!
        Propose on main Vocab WG call June 11.


        Do we need any discussion of it on main Vocab WG call this week July 9?

        10mPilot testJessIn work, we still need additional participation.   Please.  vote!
        1. For non-HL7 content, we need to define our precise process to work through the HTA recommendations.
          1. Next call we should work on documenting the process for doing this

        Other longer term items

        tabled, out of time

        1. Need to setup the list for the immediate items that must be addressed as soon as we go live
          1. Editing of manifests
            1. May be later; may be done manually for some time after go-live
          2. We have a running list on Confluence of items to be addressed:  UTG Project Tasks
            1. Tasks are broken down by pre-last import, pre-initial release, post-initial release but pre-pilot, post-pilot, pre-largescale rollout, then R2 and beyond R2 thus it includes all of the longer term items
        2. VSAC issues
          1. Publication and maintenance for the VSAC value sets which are actually HL7 V3 value sets which have historically been maintained through harmonization and published in the coremif
          2. Convenience copies of content that is not IP protected by the code system owners
          3. Access to or documentation about the rest of the value sets
          4. May be deferred until after mid-May
        3. Integration with HTA JIRA workflow for change requests for External Terminologies
          1. Need to begin working with HTA to figure this out
          2. Carol and Reuben are both on the HTA and they are requested to keep this discussion going in HTA
        4. CIMI/SOLOR (Keith Campbell)
          1. Confirm in Sydney with Keith if we can make the SOLOR interface look like the interface stuff for browsing
          2. Need to continue discussion in San Antonio (or afterwards)
          3. On this week's vocabulary WG call we should decide if we want a joint call with CIMI around these topics
        5. LOINC value set definitions interface for IGs
          1. Need to check this in UTG to make sure it works the same as it does in FHIR terminology pages
            1. For the UTG (sourced from V2, V3, and CDA) they may not work properly; this may be a sign of an IGP issue; details unknown at this time
            2. There may have been a URL change from LOINC that has not yet been implemented in the IGPublisher for the value sets?  Needs verification.
            3. Need to discuss with LOINC how best to approach (post first release)
        6. IG terminology access in general
          1. V2 IGs
          2. V3/CDA IGs
          3. FHIR IGs
          4. this is a longer term late 2020 or in 2021

        Call adjournedTed

        Call adjourned at 1:03PM EDT.   Next call is scheduled for Tuesday July 7 at noon EDT.  

        Action  items