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Formal relationship with EN-ISO/IEC DTS 82304-2

HL7 is formally aligned with the EN-ISO/IEC DTS 82304-2 through the participation of a cMHAFF author in the CEN/ISO project. Extensive effort has been put into aligning the QRCA section of EN-ISO/IEC DTS 82304-2 with relevant parts of cMHAFF . Where applicable it has so been noted. Those parts where both cMHAFF and a CEN/ISO standard would apply, the CEN/ISO reference was inserted. Vise versa alignment will be undertaken on cMHAFF's part, thus resulting in a technical specification (82304-2) and a functional framework (cMHAFF) which are bsed on the same undelying rationale.


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  • Seek approval by the CEN/ISO community;
  • Seek approval by the HL7 community, a.k.a. HL7 HQ;
  • execute alignment;
  • setup plan for profiling.