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Management Minutes Approval 5/26 and 6/2

Russ OttPIE WG Admin Items
  • NIB Approval: Dental Data Exchange Projects

  • Withdraw request for C-CDA-based Complete Documentation Templates IG

Consolidated CDA Complete Documentation Templates - Withdraw

Hold off until next week.
Pat TCDPDex Ballot Reconciliation discussion

Final Review - see Persona and Access Stories document

Pat will make corrections to the diagram.    

Lisa made the motion to accept document as complete and send to Carin BB and FM Workgroups for approval on future call.  Lenel seconded the motion.  

VOTE:  21-0-0

LaurieAttachments Implementation Guide  - Review and approval -  Review Comments Spreadsheet
  1. Review the new Section 7 on inclusion of Attachment Control Number in CDA structures.
  2. Discuss recommendation of LOINC vs. VSAC
Hold off until next week.

Adjourned at 3:22 PM EST

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