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Will remove security requirements for the purpose of the connectathon

Actual Participants

Danielle Bancroft (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Paul Barry (eRx Script Exchange) - Australia

Greg Pryde (RxOne) - New Zealand

Alberto Isidro (Cerner) - Australia

Ryan Davis (GuildLink) - Australia

William Durnford (Best Practice) - Australia

Craig Schnuriger (MedAdvisor) - Australia

Anjani Jaswal (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Manjeet Singh (eRx Script Exchange) - Australia

Joaan Vargheese (Fred IT Group) - Australia

Sarwar Erfan (Modeus) - Australia

Weyn Ong (MedAdvisor) - Australia

Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health ) - Australia

Marc Belej (All Scripts) - Australia

Andy Robb (InterSystems) - Australia

Jesus Nunez (Rosemary Health) - Australia

Track ResultsAchievements

Discovered issues/Questions

Issues identified during interactions:

  • Missing drug codes in Medication Request (added to support both AMT and PBS+MF)
  • Use case for queue mgmt software to access MySL - Authentication needs investigation as cannot use site PKI
  • Patient match operation needs review
  • Need to ensure patient validation exist to avoid more than one patient being addedraddressed
  • Request consent for org has error in the xml example
  • Profiles need to be reviewed with regard to minimum mandatory fields etc
  • Request consent for org has error in the xml example

Identified certain workflow scenarios requiring further work in on next phase:

  • Edit patient call
  • Carer mode access
  • Identifier for patient app to use (cannot/don't have IHI)
  • Flag med in request as hidden
  • Mapping of pharmacy site IDs from third party apps against PDS site IDs

What Next