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ManagementWelcome newcomersSome new people appeared on the call but did not have audio - perhaps they will join another time.
ManagementAgenda ApprovalAdded in discussion on devdays proposals - otherwise accepted.  We agreed that a presentation at devdays would be a good idea.  Abigail will be there and willing to help.  Dave will put in the proposal.
ManagementPrior call Minutes approvalUnanimously approved.
MethodologyBOF Update/Planning

Lisa and Lloyd are prepared.  Virginia also noted that Abdul-Malik will be there.  May want to replace him as co-chair since he is busy with other things.


Continue Review and update draft Mission and Charter

Dave assembled the multiple versions and comments into a google doc which he distributed last week.   Dave presented the mission statements proposed and we agreed on a revised mission statement: The Patient Empowerment Work Group promotes and amplifies the viewpoint of patients and their caregivers in HL7’s standards work, in support of the HL7 mission.  (Mikael motioned, Abigail seconded, unanimous approval).  He asked if someone else could lead the small group.  Abigail agreed - small group is Abigail, Jan, Dave, Debi, and Lisa (but Lisa is away).  Abigail will take next pass at charter part and send to small group and then onto larger group. 
ManagementPSS ReviewDid not get to this - there is an outstanding dental PSS
 Adjournment2:00PMAdjourned at 2:01