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Roll CallLC
  •  Wayne Kubick
  •  David Johnson
  •  Lorraine Constable
  •  Tony Julian
  •  Lloyd McKenzie
  •  Ted Klein
  •  Jean Duteau
  •  Josh Procious (leave at 5)
  •  Marc Duteau
  •  Andrew Statler
  •  Dave Hamill
  •  Jessica Snell
  •  Patrick Loyd
  •  Click to add a new task...
  •   Austin Kreisler 
Ballot ProjectLM/JD
  • planned update and messaging for Sydney
    • been tackling clean up issues related to Jira migration
    • fixing usability issues that have cropped up with Jira
  • plan for a pilot in May - list of tasks for Lloyd; need to put together a testing and implementation plan - would Jean be the right one to take that on
  • If we are going to pilot in May need to be tested and in place
Webmaster's ReportDJ/JP
JIRACon ProjectLC/JP
  • Confluence/Jira Upgrades beginning week of Jan 27.
STU Comment Jira MigrationAS
UTG ProjectTK
  • Plan for TSC walkthrough
  • What should we present to co-chair dinner
  • Implementation plan
Other projectsWK/JP
  • any messaging for Sydney / TSC meeting/ added link to Sydney WGM Info on Confluence Homepage
Announcements / AdministrationLC

Next call - Target