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Produce a sustainable, efficient means of publishing new versions of C-CDA (and potentially CDA in a later phase) as a Web Specification (similar to FHIR).  The output of this project will be tooling together with necessary supporting documentation to support publication of C-CDA and CDA implementation guides through the FHIR IG Publisher


2020 January: Lantana's current version of IG is published here:

Sean McIlvenna recommended this link instead for the c-cda publication: It’s using the CI build, which is generally better.

  1. improved export from trifolia
  2. including primitive constraints
  3. created custom publish template
  4. worked with grahame to fix a few bugs
  5. added a 8 core "complex" profiles
  6. adding a bunch of narrative
  7. uses the brand new templating methods developed by lloyd
  8. vastly improved the base cda "ig" as it is defined in FHIR

Project: C-CDA Companion Guide Update