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  • Record this call
  • Agenda review
  • Future meetings: Cancel meetings on January 30, February 6
    • VANGUARD PSS approved by TSC - Stan
    • Update from today's joint call with O&O - Susan, Nathan, All
      • Body landmarks
        • Recommendation was to make the extension in BodyStructure
        • May need to revisit this decision because there are things that can be modeled as a body structure or as a condition
        • Need to update Observation to be a choice between codeable concept and reference to the body structure resource
      • 40 minutes on next week's agenda to talk about top 2000 lab profiles
    • Key aspects of an improved Breast Radiology IG build - Kurt, Richard
      • Suggestions about implementation of clockface positions related to breast
      • We should make a CIMI library of reusable "fragments" that can be used in composing new model content
        • Participation
        • Provenance
    • The first draft of Vital Signs IG is available, reviewers welcome - Susan

    • Information about the IG proposal process that we need to be aware of - Susan, Nathan
      • People are encouraged to treat this as if it was ballot material and provide detailed comments so that the actual balloted version is better
    • HL7 WGM in Sydney
      • Who will be attending? Susan, Stan, Claude, Mark
      • Agenda items for general discussion and socialization
        • "Reusable" profiles
        • Is there an official role for CIMI within HL7 for providing consistency across IGs from different domains
        • Simplify the bureaucracy associated with projects (PSSs, many review groups, long time frames)
        • Define a roadmap for CIMI: What comes next? (Let's do that before Sydney).
          • Look for areas across existing content where we can create consistency
    • Decide what examples we need before we discuss body structure - body location - condition discussion
      • Options
        • A BodyStructure as a condition - Claude and Nathan
        • Wound IG reused by Podiatry - Nathan
        • Make a new example using a new BodyStructure Resource
        • Extend BodyStructure or make a new BodyStructure data type
        • Body site code
      • Issues/requirements How can we always knowJanuary 23 call - Stan will not be able to attend
    • Discuss and review examples of the options for representing BodyStructure/BodyLocation - Nathan, Claude, All

    • Any updates on HL7 WGM in Sydney
    • Any other business

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