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Summit 2019 was a Great Success!

Thanks Dear Friends of Smarter Data for the Fight Against Cancer,

Many thanks to all who attended the 2019 first Cancer Data Summit (Oct on October 2 -and 3 , McLean, VA)! The level of leadership and collaboration has motivated actions in support of the insightful recommendations from Summit 2019, as well as the start of planning for the Summit 2020. Please expect this page to be updated with new information in the coming weeks as well as additional follow-up emails one ways to engage in mCODE projects within the new CodeX HL7 FHIR Accelerator. Here, you'll find links the program, slides, photos and expert illustrations from the Summit. The Summit final report will be available toward the end of Novemberin McLean, Virginia. During this interactive event, leaders from throughout the oncology ecosystem developed the roadmap for adoption of a common language for cancer data – the minimal Common Data Oncology Elements (mCODE™) standard.

Patients, providers, payers, researchers, regulators, and vendors collaborated to explore the challenges and opportunities along the path toward ubiquitous use of mCODE for data collection and sharing, leading to step-change improvements in cancer care and research.

The event ended with recommendations for actions that we can take now. These recommendations are included in the Cancer Data Summit Summary. Linked from on the right side of this page. We hope this summary inspires those who attended, as well as those who were not able to attend, to redouble their efforts toward a common language for cancer data.

There are numerous ways to move mCODE forward. As we all agreed, it will take the entire community to harness smarter, computable data for the fight against cancer.  

At next year’s Cancer Data Summit, let’s collectively show our substantial progress!

For more information about the Summit, including the agenda, speakers’ slides, professional illustrations, and photos, please click the link below.

We will be adding Confluence-based tools in the future for you all to collaborate. If you have any questions, please contact either Steve Bratt at or Gregory Shemancik at


Below are links to the wonderful artwork our illustrators made to represent and summarize the ideas and conclusions made at the Summit. These include the large summary from Day 1 (which is also seen above) as well as the individual illustrations for each of the 4 main topics discussed during Day 2: (1) Changing Clinical Culture, (2) Convergence on a Single Standard, (3) Privacy, Security, Ethics, and (4) Vendor Implementation.