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Management Minute ApprovalApproved by general consent
MethodologyApprove ballot of Quality Criteria
  • What format will this be balloted in
    • Confluence pages or another format like pdf - Tony will verify about the format
    • Added TOC
    • And list of people involved
    • Also applies to the Standard Quality Metrics guide – we reviewed in Atlanta – put that on the agenda for next call - Tony will
    • Motion to approve sending the IG Quality Criteria for ballot
Approve Ballot of V2 Quality Criteria - IG
MethodologyNotification guide
  • DaVinci Notifications IG:
    • Guide for framework and for use case admit discharge
      • Home
        • Scope section:
          • Are not defining triggers
          • Define the list of receiver and its management
        • Workflow
          • Intermediary role described
          • Actor diagram
        • Framework for notifications
          • This is focused on unsolicited notification
          • Subscription is alternative to exchanging this information
          • Precondition for security and authentication
            • Security section still needs work – will point to generalized work
            • Secure networks set up etc
          • Single message bundle
            • Using process-message
            • Using FHIR RESTful operation to deliver
            • Goal is to provide enough information to know
              • What this is about
              • Have enough information to act on this
            • Resources in the bundle
              • messageHeader (with focus, which is a resource)
              • focus resource and ALL resources that are referenced from it
            • Description of how the IG is defined
              • graphDefinition
              • profile
            • Notes to balloters
              • Error handling
              • What should be in the bundle
            • Use case
              • Admit and discharge use charge shows how framework is applied
                • Event notification code system is starter set
                  • NHS does something similar
                  • Includes codes in a hierarchy
                • FHIR artifacts
                  • Created specific profiles to define the contents of the different FHIR bundles
                  • Individual resources
                  • Capability statements for 4 different roles the actors are fulfilling for each of the scenarios
                    • Series of expectations for the actor role
                    • Eric will fix the capability statement to make clear that these are for the admit/discharge use case, not generic for the framework
                  • Questions:
                    • Difference between graphDefinition and messageDefinition
                      • Both are new resources
                      • messageDefinition specifies the event code and focus resource and defines the graphDefinition, which is the order and occurrences of the resources in the bundle
                      • graphDefinition is equivalent to V2 message definition (order in which the segments appear and how many)
                      • messageDefinition is the bundler for one or more graphDefinitions
Approve Ballot Notifications
Management Next agendaBallot of V2 Standard Quality Metrics : Health Level Seven (HL7) Version 2 (V2) Standard Quality MetricsCriteria
 Adjourned at 3:38 Eastern

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