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Comment: November 2019 Update Added

This page will be used to post CTO and project team updates related to the implementation of Confluence and Jira Collaboration software at HL7.

November 2019 CTO Tooling Update

JIRA Updates:

As promised, we have now scheduled the migration of FHIR tracker items from GForge to JIRA for this coming weekend, November 15-17. We expect to be using JIRA exclusively for FHIR tracking tickets by Monday, Nov. 18.  

To ensure that we migrate all Tracker items to JIRA, FHIR GForge Tracker will be locked to read-only at precisely 8pm EST on Friday, November 15 - no one will be able to enter or update FHIR tracker items in GForge after that time so we can ensure all content is migrated to JIRA.  

For those of you who are new to JIRA, a set of brief webinars on the basics of using JIRA have been posted at .  We believe you’ll find JIRA to be intuitive and natural, but we’ll be adding additional documentation and tips over time to this page to help improve your experience.  

In the future, all HL7 work groups and projects will be expected to use JIRA as our standard issue tracking tool. We will not be supporting use of GitHub tracking, so any projects using that are advised to begin transitioning to JIRA.  Once the FHIR migration is completed, we’ll be getting in touch with other WGs to complete migration of any remaining GForge Tracker items.  

So this is an exciting milestone in our quest for improved tooling at HL7.  I’d like to especially thank Lloyd McKenzie and the JIRACon team (Lorraine Constable, Jean and Marc Duteau, Josh Procious, David Johnson and Patrick Lloyd  in particular) for making this migration possible.  And thanks to those of you who cleared up your remaining Tracker items in time to allow this to proceed as planned.

September 2019 CTO Tooling Update