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  •  Heather Grain to prepare tutorial for HTA consideration and presentation at Koln.  
  •  Heather Grain to request tutorial in Koln.
  •  Heather Grain will represent HTA in the next harmonisation meetings.
  •  Heather Grain add to HTA agenda the issue of Technical requirements of our standards require specific identifier attributes such as uri's. HL7 has to create OIDs for many of these code systems. There are many authoring bodies may have no idea about these requirements and HL7 creates a HL7 name for these products
  •  Heather Grain  add to HTA agenda the preparation of a draft principles document which will then go to Vocab with the intention it go to the SGB.
  •  Heather Grain to contact Susan Matney - CIMI management group - to join an HTA call specifically to discuss the issues with CIMI use of realm specific content.  Consider the processes options.
  •  Ted Klein follow up on use of VSAC as tooling supporting structured documents in order to work out the relationships between governance, UTG, VSAC - let HTA and SGB know the outcome/s.
  •  Heather Grain create external terminology page in confluence
  •  Heather Grain set up the call.