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Source InformationTargetMinimum FHIR FieldsLink
Hl7 V2ObservationLOINC




Why this companion guide

Add some context here.

Provide a guide for translating from different sources including providing a provenance resource to describe the actions taken to translate to the observation resource.

Most likely sources:

  • C-CDA 1.1, 2.1
  • HL7 V2 2.3, 2.5.1
  • X12 837

Three target audiences:

  • Provider
  • Member
  • Next Payer

We are working with US Core resources. Each profile has a minimum set of required fields. Beyond those fields additional data SHALL be provided if it is available. When dealing with different data sources there will likely be different levels of data granularity.

In the context of this guide this document provides a mapping of different data sources to the observation profile. The objective of this guide is to enable Payers to map their data from different sources consistently.

A provenance resource SHALL be constructed for each record to identify the originator of the data (the provider/organization etc.), the transmission format (C-CDA, ADT, 837 etc.) which indicates the type of translation performed.

Resource Spreadsheet

The attached Spreadsheet provides a mapping from Health Plan data sources to the FHIR US Core (R4) Profile:


Observation-FHIR_R4 v1.3.xlsx


Provenance Resource


  • Provider via HL7 V2
  • Provider via CCDAC-CDA
  • Provider via 837 Claim
  • Provider via "Paper Chart"
  • Provider Attestation (Pass through billing)
  • Payer Intermediate Translation
  • Provider by copy of formal lab report