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DayDate TimeQuarterTechnical/BusinessEventChairScribeRoom
SundayQ1 No Meeting     
Q2 No Meeting     
Q3 Vocabulary  
    • Agenda planning
    Q4 Vocabulary  
      • Workgroup project review
      • Action item review and status
      MondayQ1 Vocab 
        • Project 1047 Characteristics of a formal "value set definition"
      Q2    Vocab - SNOMED on FHIR (TermInfo)   
      Q3 Vocab 
        • FHIR tracker items
      Q4 Vocab 
        • Value set expansion
      Q5  Co-Chair dinner/Steering divisions   
        TuesdayQ1 Vocab      
      Q2 Vocab 
        • International Patient Summary SNOMED value sets
      Q3 Vocab  
        • UTG Project
        Q4 Vocab/Patient Care (hosting) 
          • Negation
        WednesdayQ1  Vocab (Hosting)/MnM/FHIR    
        Q2 Q2Vocab (Hosting)/MnM   
        Q3 Split Vocab/V2 Publishing (Hosting reps) 
        • Glossary
        Q4 Vocab/Patient Care (hosting reps) 
          • Harmonizing vocabulary content across product families
        Thursday Q0   


        Q1 Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT/InM 
          • V2.9 ballot reconciliation
        Q2 Vocab (Hosting)/CGIT 
          • Binding semantics
        Q3 Vocab (Hosting)/CIMI  
          • Coordinating CIMI content with UTG
          Q4 Vocab 
            • Co-chair planning for Cologne
          Q5 Co-Chairs 
            • Thursday Night Facilitator Round Table
          FridayQ1 HTA/SGB  
            • General business
            Q2 HTA/SGB 
              • General business
            Q3   No Meeting    
            Q4    No Meeting