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Emergency Care Screening

Common Screenings done in the ED

  • Stroke
    • FAST Exam
  • Depression
    • PHQ-9
  • Domestic Violence
    • SAFE Questions (Stress/Safety, Afraid/Abused, Friends/Family, Emergency plan)
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse
    • SBIRT
      • (NIAAA: 1) How many days per week do you drink alcohol?, On a typical day when you drink, how many drinks do you have?, 3) what is the maximum number of drinks you had on any given day in the past month?))
      • NIDA_-Modified_ASSIST_prescreen.pdf
    • DAST     DAST.pdf
  • Tobacco Use
    • Y/N, form, amount, length of use, age started
  • Communicable diseases
    • Influenza - flu shot recieved, Y/N
    • Ebola - travel outside of US
    • Zika - ??
  • Seatbelt Use
    • Y/N, always, sometimes, never...
  • Fall Risk
    • Fall within 12 months, number, last
  • SDoH
    • SEEK

Emergency Care Triage

  1. Patient Name
    1. Mrs. Patricia (Pat) Chess
    2. 42-year-old full time office assistant, was involved in a road accident 
  2. Patient Condition
    1. Post MVA
      1. Pat is admitted to ER, treated and transferred to OR (see primary story)
      2. Diagnostic abdominal, peripheral, and chest and spinal X-rays and CT, showed a closed undisplaced comminuted fracture left mid shaft femur, fracture left ribs 6-7 with spleen and liver contusions. No fracture vertebrae detected.

Emergency Care Admission

Emergency Care Care Provision and Treatment

Emergency Care Discharge