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Cooper Thompson  (Epic) 2pm Central US

Drew Torres (Cerner)

Alex de Leon (Kaiser Permanente) 12pm Pacific US

Irma Jongeneel HL7 Netherlands 9pm CET Europe

Brian Postlethwaite  Telstra Health, Australia

Ivan Zapreev (Philips Research) 9pm CET Europe


Line Saele () 9pm CET Europe

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2020-09 HL7 WGM & Connectathon (virtual)
  • 2020-11 FHIR DevDays Conference Amsterdam
  • 2021-01 HL7 WGM Henderson Nevada


  1. Encounter restructuring
  2. Tracker Items

Planned Tracker Items:



Encounter Restructuring

The WG continued with the encounter restructuring effort. References were made to the page where this is being recorded: Encounter History and Movements.

The group was able to locate the filled out spreadsheet for the data found at Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ... as an Excel attachment. The discussion continued around movements in encounters. The WG discussed whether specimen movement, device, was in scope for this discussion. Device movement would be out of scope if we include patient class and patient status. This exists, therefore would likely be out of scope for movement. The WG decided to focus on patient movement and specimen for now. The WG considered that this might fit into a pattern. The Event pattern was reviewed. Questions around the movements boundaries were discussed: defining a location and the duration at that location and, if the patient is moved, the defining of the new location and the duration at that location. However, the transport between locations is also pertinent for many reasons: hand off of patient care, liability, organizational tracking, etc. The WG needs to decide whether the "movement" construct would cover the traditional administrative/physical movement of the patient as well as the transport event. 

Irma noted that the group would have to address the upcoming WGM and what times people would be available. That will be a first action item at the next telecon.

Future Agenda Topics:

May 2020: Encounter breakdown review - attachment on this page Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ... (if time permits)

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