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Welcome to the HL7 2021 January WGM  Virtual Pub Crawl.  While we can't fully duplicate the in-person experience, we can commiserate together and hoist a few glasses to try to forget our social distancing troubles for (at least) one night/afternoon/morning (depending on time zone).   We have lined up 3 virtual pubs which you can tour at your leisure. Each will be providing a unique experience, including 1 or more scheduled events in some cases which you may want to join.  Just like a real pub crawl, you can order whatever you'd like - but unlike a real pub, there's no extra charge – as long as you provide your own libations!  Some pub events may involve a special guided tasting - in these cases, a shopping list is provided if you want to taste-along.  Or you can just drink whatever you have on hand that you like - the experience is more about distant socializing, though, of course, it will be enhanced by the proper sort of libation.  You're encouraged to tour freely, take in as many of the scheduled special events as you'd like (which will be spread throughout the evening), but try not to stay in too many bars at the same time.  Since these virtual bars, like the real physical ones, each have a limited top capacity of 300 each.  Bonus points to those of you who come in creative costume!


America's Toque


Formerly America's Hat, The Toque assumes an entirely different identify in the midst of Winter in the great white North.  Many of our most respected citizens have graced this bar over the years, including Celine Dion, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Lloyd McKenzie. We have it on good authority that some will even be making an appearance. Please note that you must be at least 19 years of age to purchase alcohol in Canada. FHIR puns are strictly forbidden in our establishment.

Vital Statistics                                          

Location:  Toronto, Ontario 

Opens:  6:30pm PST

Theme:  Canadiana

Host Bartender:  James "Maple" Agnew

Alternate Bartender:  Mark "Ketchup Chips and Caesars" Iantorno

Music genre/style:  Just the Canadian national anthem on repeat

Special Event at 6:20 ET:  

Please join us for the world's best pub-stumpers HL7 FHIR trivia. Come dazzle your friends with your knowledge of everything under the sun.

Taste-along shopping list: Canadian Whisky, Canadian Beer, Caesar cocktails with a side of poutine. 


Last Call Cafe

Inside LA's Tiki Underground - PUNCH

Vital Statistics

Location:  Washington DC        

Opens:  8:15pm PST

Theme:  It will be a surprise

Host Bartender:  Matt Rahn

Alternate Bartender:  Rob McClure, Julia Skapik

Music genre/style:  Polka

Schedule of Events:

Taste-along shopping list: 

Just order 1 of everything from

Tiki Time with Special Guests

Special Event at 6:40 ET: TBA

Bring your best bartender attitude and get ready to win a prize!

The Colorado Mountain Beer Lodge

Back for a third repeat performance, join Dave for a snowy mountain view  on the fire pit terrace overlooking both the Telluride ski resort and the box canyon. He again will have a FHIR-side chat, brews, and some solid modern blues in the background. At an altitude of 9,600 feet, you'll be on top of the world.  Bring your Beer party coins!

Vital Statistics

Location:  Telluride, CO     

Opens:  7:15pm PST

Theme:  Beer

Host Bartender:  Dave Shaver

Alternate Bartender:  Mark McDougal

Music genre/style:  Modern Blues – Eric Bibb, Keb Mo, Monte Montgomery, Dwayne Dopsie, Coco Montoya, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Indigenous, Joe Bonamassa, Taj Mahal, Tab Benoit, SRV, KWS, and other TLAs.

Special Event at 5:40 ET: Guided beer tasting – you pick it from the chart

Taste-along shopping list: Everyone has a favorite style of beer – drink what you love! Dave's go to style is Double IPA or a citrusy IPA. Before the gathering, review the Brewer's Association Beer and Food Matching Chart. Another resource to pair cheeses with beer is Marcella Wright's Generic Cheese and Beer Pairing Chart. Dave will be pairing a Telluride Brewing Company a) Fishwater Double IPA, and b) Batch 1000 Barleywine with 1) Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar, and 2) Original Blue cheese from Point Reyes Farmstead. Use the chart to pick your pairing for the beer you plan to enjoy. 


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  1. Dave Shaver Love all things Tillamook but especially the extra sharp cheddar...  Especially good in Lincoln City  in a grilled cheese with tomato soup sitting on the balcony watching the waves. (smile)