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  1. Should commments exist in each Sub-task or be applied directly to the parent issue?
    I think that they should be handled in workflow in the applicable subtask and then copied each time to comments on parent issue. 

  2. From Austin: 

    For Confluence/Jira Outline

    • On the Confluence side, the PSS Created in Confluence step needs to include “and approved by sponsoring work group”. It’s the sponsoring work group approval that triggers the rest of the process, not just entering it into Confluence.
    • The “Have all Groups Approved” needs to be changed to “Have all Groups Reviewed”. The only approval step is the TSC Approval at the end. All other groups have the opportunity to review, negotiate changes, etc., but don’t have a formal approval. They do need to have a mechanism to register and objection that the TSC can see during the TSC Approval step.
    • The Wait for all Groups step needs to have a time out associated with it (length to be determined) after which all groups that have failed to review the PSS lose their opportunity to do so, and the PSS moves on to the TSC.
  3. Questions to answer for PSS approval/review process:

    1. How strong does the notification/invitation for all groups need to be?
    (How will we notify all groups that a new PSS is ready for review? Post it somewhere, email notifications to all?)

    2. Will the Project Concept Form be nested in the current PSS?

    3. Who will comprise the TFTP? (Could Steering Division review responsibilities move to TPTF?)

    4. When someone creates a Project Concept, should it go to the working group before the TPTF? 

    5. What will the exact function be for transitioning from Project Concept Form to Project Scope Statement? (will the forms be together or not?)

    6. Do comments during consensus review have to be on behalf of a specific body or can they be individual? 

    7. How can we more efficiently convey proper education on the approval process/review between Confluence/Jira? What notifications should users expect?