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LocationSalon Drummond Ouest


NameAffiliationTerm ExpiresAttending
Martin HurrellAnesthesiaJan 2020x
Ellen TorresMay 2019x
John WalshSep 2019x
Hugh GloverBiomedical Research and RegulationMay 2020x
Myron FinsethJan 2020
Boris BrodskySep 2019
Guilherme del FiolClinical Decision SupportJan 2020
Robert JendersSep 2019
Kensaku KawamotoSep 2019
Howard StrasbergSep 2020
Bryn RhodesJan 2021x
Robert FreimuthClinical GenomicsJan 2021
Kevin Power
Jan 2021
Gil Alterovitz
Jan 2020
Bob Milius
Sep 2020x
Russell LeftwichClinical Interoperability CouncilSep 2020
Lindsey HoggleJan 2021
Laura Heermann LangfordSep 2019
Amy NordoJan 2020
Patricia CraigClinical Quality InformationSep 2019
Floyd EisenbergMay 2020x
Yan HerasMay 2019
Kanwarpreet SethiMay 2019
Juliet RubiniMay 2020
Jonathan ColemanCommunity Based Care and PrivacySep 2020
James KretzMay 2020
David PykeSep 2020x
Suzanne Gonzales-WebMay 2020
Melva PetersClinical Steering DivisionDec 2020x
Floyd EisenbergDec 2019x
Dominik BrammenEmergency CareSep 2020
Laura Heermann LangfordJan 2020
James McClaySep 2019
Todd CooperHealth Care DevicesJan 2020
Chris CourvilleJan 2021
John GarguiloSep 2020x
John RhoadsMay 2020x
Russell LeftwichLearning Health SystemsSep 2020
Emma JonesInterimx
John RobertsSep 2019
Stephen ChuPatient CareMay 2020
Laura Heermann LangfordSep 2019
Emma JonesMay 2019x
Jay LyleJan 2020x
Michelle MillerMay 2019
Michael TanSep 2019
Michael PadulaSep 2019
Jean DuteauPharmacyMay 2019
John HatemSep 2019x
Melva PetersSep 2019x
Scott RobertsonMay 2019
Erin HoltPublic HealthJan 2021x
Danny WiseJan 2021x
Joginder MadraSep 2020x
Craig NewmanSep 2019x
Laura RappleyeSep 2019x

Roll call

Introduction of Guests

Review Agenda

Approval of Minutes from San Antonio Meeting


  • none

Co-Chair Elections 

  • All individuals interested in running must submit a nomination, including current and interim co-chairs.

  • Co-chairs must maintain their membership throughout their term. Section of the GOM states “Should a seated co-chair experience a change in membership status due to either the loss of individual membership or loss of membership by their organization or Affiliate; that individual shall immediately step down from the position of co-chair.” Co-chairs that do not renew their membership will receive notification that they need to renew ASAP. If they do not renew, the co-chairs of the appropriate work group will be notified that the position is up for interim election then regular election at the next WGM.


Project Scope Statement Submission Deadline

  • Must submit PSS to PMO and Steering Division - date May 24, 2019

    • Work Groups will need to monitor the progress of their scope statements to ensure that they obtain the necessary US Realm Steering Committee, FMG, Steering Division and TSC approvals before the ballot opening date of - date August 16, 2019

  • Submit Notice of Intent to Ballot - date June 30, 2019

  • PSS on Confluence

    • The PSS Form is available in Confluence.

      • The ‘form’ replaces the template ‘page’ made from tables.  The new PSS form contains dynamic dropdowns and checkboxes.  Based on the information entered, the form will add or remove areas of the PSS.  Logic has also been added to insure required fields/information are provided when necessary.  With that, much of the extraneous text that appeared in the MS Word template and Confluence ‘page’ is no longer needed and has been removed

      • Visit the How-To article on the following page:

      • To use the PSS form, log into HL7’s Confluence space at:  Click on the ‘Create’ button (or the ellipsis next to it) at the top of the page; select "HL7 Project Scope Statement Template" and save the form in the project area of your desired space.

      • Questions or comments can be directed to David Hamill (

Updates from the TSC

  • CSD Co-Chair Elections
    • Nominations are open
    • Co-chairs are encouraged to talk to Floyd and Melva if you have questions about the positions
  • USRSC Steering Division Rep
    • Request for every SD to have a representative on the USRSC
      • Members should have a perspective of the Clinical Steering Division
    • Asked Co-Chairs to discuss within their WG
    • Bryn Rhodes is interested
  • Melva Peters to send out email at end of WGM to ask if there is other interest
  • Melva Peters to ask Austin to send email out to general membership (including Affiliates)
  • Melva Peters if you aren't a co-chair, how can you represent the SD
  • Co-Chair Handbook Review Sub-Committee
    • Looking for volunteers to help with this work
    • John Hatem, Danny Wise and Hugh Glover volunteered to help
  • Any WG with PBS metrics in the Red - will not be allowed to go forward any project until issues are resolved
  • Cross Project WG
    • asked for interest in being a members - need a second co-chair and 5 members
    • if you are interested, talk to Jean Duteau or Austin

Work Group Health Review

ClinicalSDWorkGroupHealth2019May (1).pdf

  • Healthiest Work Groups - CONGRATULATIONS!
    • CDS
    • Clinical Genomics
    • CQI
    • CBCP
    • Patient Care
    • Public Health
    • Pharmacy

PBS Metric Review


New Business

  • none

Project Scope Statement Votes

  • none

Motion to adjourn: Craig/Hugh - 11-0-0