• Don’t let anyone in from the Waiting Room if
    • They’ve only provided a first name
    • You don’t know them by their name.  
      When this occurs, the Host should ask other participants if they know the person in the waiting room; then let the person in accordingly
  • Only post Zoom information on Confluence pages that require one to log in to view the information
  • If your call has been 'bombed', create new Zoom information for future calls. Once an intruder has the Zoom information, they have the ability to easily dial into future calls.  By changing the Zoom information, you’ll create an additional step they have to take to continue their intrusion.  Do note, when creating new Zoom information, be sure to update the HL7 Conference Call system as well as Confluence pages.


  • Insure your full name is displaying when joining a call
    Given our HL7’s Zoom account structure, this may mean that initially your name appears as something like ‘XYZ Work Group’ (because the last time you used Zoom you were the hosting the Zoom call for XYZ’s Work Group)
  • Phone-Only users: Email the Co-Chairs  that you will be dialing into the call and provide last 4 digits of the phone number so they can verify you by that

The following Zoom account settings are made to ALL HL7-Sponsored Zoom accounts (including Shared Zoom accounts AND Work Group-specific Accounts):


  • Waiting room feature turned on
  • Don’t allow participants to change their name
  • Participants need to ask permission from the Host to share their screen or video
  • Allow removed people to come back into the meeting (via the Waiting Room)  (this is allowed because a Host could mistakenly have removed a valid participant and they want that participant to come back to the call)
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