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WGM Agendas for September 9-15, 2023

Work GroupAgenda
Arden Syntax2023-09 Phoenix WGM Agenda
BR&R2023 09 WGM Agenda
Clinical Decision SupportSeptember 2023 CDS-CQI WGM Agenda
Clinical Genomics2023-09 CG WGM Agenda
CIMIWGM Agenda/Minutes 2023-09-09 - 2023-09-15
Clinical Interoperability Council 2023 Sept CIC Agenda
Clinical Quality InformationSeptember 2023 CDS-CQI WGM Agenda
Community Based Care and PrivacyWGM Agenda/Minutes 2023-09 SEP Community Based Care and Privacy (CBCP)
Conformance2023-09 Phoenix WGM
Cross-Group Projects HomeWGM Agenda/Minutes September 2023
Devices (DEV)2023-September 11 --> 15 Work Group Meetings
EHREHR WG Information for HL7 WGM 2023-09 (Phoenix)
Emergency Care2023 September ECWG Working Group Meeting
FHIR-IFHIR Infrastructure Minutes WGM 202309 - Phoenix
FM2023 SEP - FM Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Human and Social Services HSS WGM Agenda/Minutes 2023-09
Imaging Integration2023-09 WGM
Implementable Technology Specifications2023-09-11 WGM Agenda
Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)2023 INM September WGM
Learning Health SystemsSept 2023 WGM - Learning Health Systems Agenda
MH2023 September WGM - Phoenix, AZ: Mobile Health Agenda
Orders and ObservationsOO WGM 202309 - Agenda
Patient Administration2023 September WGM (Phoenix) - Agenda
Patient Care2023 Sept Patient Care WGM Agenda and Minutes
Patient EmpowermentSeptember 2023 WG Attendance and Minutes
Payer/Provider Information Exchange PIE WGM Sept 11-14, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
PharmacySeptember 2023 - Phoenix AZ - Pharmacy WG
Public Health2023-09 Public Health WGM Agenda

202309 WGM Security Agenda/Minutes

Service Oriented Architecture

SOA 2023/09 WGM Agenda - Phoenix - Services Oriented Architecture - Confluence (hl7.org)
(includes BPM+ sessions)
Structured Documents2023 Sep SDWG WGM Agenda
Terminology Infrastructure Work Group (formerly Vocabulary Work Group)Sept 2023 - HL7 WGM Meeting Agenda for Terminology Infrastructure

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