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  • Links to WG agendas and documents are posted here so that attendees and interested persons can review what is being worked on at the Meeting. This also acts as a snapshot to see which WGs are meeting (or not planning to meet). Please add or update your Work Group's agenda and papers as they become available.
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Travel, Transportation and other information

Agendas for WGM, September 14 - 20, 2019, Atlanta, GA

Work Groups / other (project) Groups

Work GroupsAgenda
AnesthesiaNot meeting
Architecture Board (ARB)ARB September-2019 Atlanta WGM Agenda
Arden Syntax2019-09-16 Arden Syntax WG Agenda Atlanta
Payer/Provider Information Exchange PIE WG Agenda Sept 14-19, 2019
BR&R2019 09 WGM Agenda
Clinical Decision Support2019-09 Atlanta WGM
Clinical GenomicsSeptember 2019, Agenda, Atlanta
CIMI2019Sept CIMI WGM Agenda
Clinical Interoperability Council2019 September CIC Atlanta Agenda
Clinical Quality InformationSeptember 2019 - Atlanta WGM Agenda
Community Based Care and Privacy2019-09 September CBCP WGM Agenda/Minutes - Atlanta, Georgia USA
Conformance2019-09 Agenda
EducationAtlanta WGM Agenda/Minutes (Sept 2019)
Electronic Services and Tools2019 September WGM - Atlanta Agenda
Emergency Care2019 September Atlanta: ECWG WGM Agenda and Minutes
FHIR-IFHIR WGM Agendas 2019-09
Financial Management2019 SEP FM WGM Agenda/Minutes
Health Care Devices (DEV)2019-09-14 --> 20 Plenary & Work Group Meetings, Atlanta, GA
Imaging Integration2019-09 WGM
Implementable Technology Specifications
Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)INM September-2019 Atlanta WGM Agenda
International CouncilSeptember 2019 - WGM Agenda - International Council
Learning Health SystemsSept 2019 WGM - Learning Health Systems Agenda and Minutes
Mobile Health2019 September WGM - Atlanta, GA (33 Annual Plenary)
Modeling and Methodology (MnM)MnM Agenda WGM 201909 Atlanta
Orders and ObservationsOO WGM 201909 - Agenda
Patient Administration2019 Sept WGM Agenda - Atlanta
Patient Care2019 Sept WGM - Patient Care Agenda and Minutes
PharmacyAtlanta Working Group Meeting Agenda
Process ImprovementWGM Agenda 2019-09-18 DRAFT
Project ServicesWGM Agenda/Minutes Sep 2019
Public Health2019-09 WGM Agenda (Atlanta)
Publishing2019 September WGM - Atlanta Agenda
Security2019-09 Sept Security WGM Agenda/Minutes
Service Oriented ArchitectureSOA 2019/09 WGM Agenda - Atlanta
Structured Documents2019 September Atlanta Meeting
VocabularySept 2019 - HL7 Atlanta WGM Meeting Agenda for Vocabulary

Technical Steering Committee

Standards Governance Board

Steering Division agendas

Steering DivingAgenda
Clinical SDMay 2019 Agenda, Montreal
Infrastructure SDMay 2019 Agenda, Montreal
Administrative SDMay 2019 Agenda, Montreal
Organizational Support SDMay 2019 Agenda, Montreal

Board Committees

Board CommitteesAgenda

Outreach Committee for Clinical Research

US Realm Steering Committee

Management Groups

Management GroupAgenda
CDA Management Group2019 September Atlanta Meeting
FHIR Management Group
V2 Management Group2019-September WGM



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