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WGM Event Information and Registration Page

Agendas for WGM, January 25-29 2021

Work GroupsAgenda
Arden Syntax2021-01-25 Arden Syntax WG Agenda "Las Vegas"
BR&R2021 01 WGM Agenda
Clinical Decision Support2021-01 Virtual WGM Agenda - CDS
Clinical Genomics2021-01 CG WGM Agenda - Virtual
Clinical Interoperability Council2021-January WG Meeting - Virtual
Clinical Quality InformationJanuary 2021 Virtual WGM Agenda - CQI-CDS
Community Based Care and PrivacyWGM Agenda/Minutes 2021-01 JANUARY Virtual
Conformance2021-01 January Virtual Meeting
Cross-Group Projects HomeVirtual WGM Agenda January 2021 - Cross-Group Projects (CGP)
EHREHR WG 2021-01 HL7 WGM (Virtual) Agenda
Emergency CareJanuary 2021 ECWG VIRTUAL MEETING AGENDA
FHIR-I2021-Jan FHIR-I Agenda
Financial ManagementNot meeting
Devices (DEV)2021-January-18 --> 22 Work Group Meetings, Virtual
Imaging Integration2021-01 WGM
Implementable Technology Specifications
Infrastructure and Messaging (InM)
Learning Health Systems
Mobile Health2021 January WGM - Virtual Mobile Health WG
Modeling and Methodology (MnM)MnM Agenda WGM 202101 Virtual
Orders and ObservationsOO WGM Agenda - 202101
Patient Administration2021 January Virtual WGM
Patient Care2021 January WGM Patient Care Agenda and Minutes
Patient EmpowermentAgenda - Pt Empowermt WG for January 2021 HL7 Virtual WGM
Payer/Provider Information Exchange PIE WGM Agenda Jan 26th, 28th 2021
PharmacyJanuary 2021 Virtual WGM
Process Improvement
Public Health2021-01 WGM Agenda
Publishing, Electronic Services, & Tooling
SecurityNot meeting
Service Oriented ArchitectureSOA 2021/01 WGM Agenda - Virtual meeting
Structured Documents2021 January SDWG WGM Agenda
VocabularyJan 2021 - HL7 Virtual WGM Meeting Agenda for Vocabulary
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