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Attendance can be found here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items - Glossary  (see Glossary Project)

1:45Glossary reviewHeather
  • Details now in the glossary projet page include:
    • a link to a google document spreadsheet of our decisions and status for each term considered.
    • a copy of the presentation on glossary provided to HL7
    • a copy of the glossary development draft process
    • a link to - the open tool for SDO glossary maangement
 Glossary CallsHeather

We have already had calls to progress the key glossary items and will forward to the Vocab committee those items which are not yet resolved. No further calls planned.

Action items

  • Heather Grain to update the skmt to reflect the changes agreed
  • Ted Klein include specific items not resolved and requiring contributions from the larger group on the Vocab conference call - see spreadsheet these are coloured orange.