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This page summarizes the policy documents and statements that have been developed over the years by the Vocabulary WG.

Listed below the current policies are the active discussions for policies that have been requested or appear needed, and are under discussion prior to finalization and adoption.

Vocabulary Work Group Approved Policy Statements

  1. Policy on case sensitivity of codes
  2. Policy on OIDs for SNOMED CT Extensions
  3. Policy for Intensional Value Set Definitions based on LOINC
  4. HL7 proposed guidance on use of displayName (V3 CD) and Text (V2.x CNE,CWE)
  5. CWE, CNE
  6. Policy on use of translationCode in V3 (ISO 21090) coded datatypes
  7. Policy on use of Retired or Legacy HL7 Code Systems

Vocabulary Work Group Active Discussions Developing New Policies

  1. Policy on Maintenance of External Code System Identifiers (URIs)
  2. Policy on creation of canonical URLs for UTG Code Systems
  3. Policy on adding coded content to older HL7 code systems

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