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Attendance can be found here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items - CIMI/SOLOR/Vocabulary 


HSPC - SOLOR and SIMI efforts

Susan Matney


The following notes supplement a powerpoint slide show located here

  • SOLOR content is being developed under the lead of Keith Campbell (VA) within HSPC
    • Reasoner - Ontoserver is being used due to the exemplary reasoner implemented
    • Content Authoring - TermSpace
    • CIMI RefSets will be placed in VSAC
      • E.g. Skin Wound Assessment
      • In the context of FHIR - what will the canonical URL be?
        • Vocab noted that further conversation will be occurring about valueset identifiers (e.g. valueset.url) and versioning of value sets.
  • CIMI Modeling is done in OpenEHR tooling - currently being reevaluated - not many CIMI models available
  • Handbook is available on how to gather and format clinical content for model development
  • Publishing as an edition will provide the opportunity to do SNOMED based release validation


 Other questions 
  • Do you need to be a member of HSPC to submit content?
    • No - but we (HSPC) may not have resources to do the work
  • How much research has to be done before submitting content? For example, there are a lot of questions, for example in the cancer interoperability group / cancer domain that may be best answered by terminology domain experts
    • HSPC expects submitters to provide specific descriptions from clinical domain Stage and 1, 2,3, as an example. HSPC would then find the appropriate standard codes (SNOMED etc).
  • What are the expectations for use of other terminologies that are used outside of the typical (SNOMED, LOINC etc)?
    • Each request would be evaluated. if its something like qualifiers of existing concepts, HSPC would make those extension. If there's an authoritative terminology available, HSPC will extend our list of available terminologies. If there is overlap in the request in an available terminology, HSPC will attempt to get the two groups to work together.
  • How does someone join the content development team?
    • SNOMED courses are a pre-requisite, as is the LOINC and RELMA tutorial
  • Released as an RF2 Module, can it be used in any realm?
    • No, there are some dependencies in the US Realm. This dependency will exist unless the content used is promoted from the US realm to anInternational core.
    • If new content is required for a Realm specific guide, they need to be brought to the HL7 Realm committee. HTA is responsible for promotion of any international guides or content.


Action items

  •  Susan Matney to send slides to Vocab for posting on Vocab confluence site