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Attendance can be found here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items

5minOverview of confluence minute taking procedure.Carol
  • Minutes will be taken on Confluence with a separate page for each quarter. This will make searching and identifying specific items more efficient.
  • Jim to email Karen requesting confirmation that our plan for this is sufficient for minutes publication.
 Project 1047 Characteristics of a formal value set definitionRob
  • Overview of Characteristics of a Value Set Definition (VSD) Project page
  • Review of DSTU comments for Characteristics of a formal value set definition. These items were only reviewed as there was no need to vote on them
  • Plan is to submit for Ballot May 2018
    • Section on Value Set expansion will be removed and replaced with a reference to the document on Value Set Expansions.
    • Need to update workflow diagram for value set metadata created by Woody Beeler in Enterprise Architect to:
    • Discussion on Copyright and Intellectual Property field
      • Including something in an copyright or IP attribute indicates an organizations understanding that they hold rights to a particular artifact.
      • Ted Klein - Unstructured field was chosen since this is often managed in many different ways across organizations
    • Motion (Rob McClure): To reconsider the vote on Ballot comment 1080 on Licensing and IP Information.
    • Motion (Rob McClure): Accept the revisions made to section for ballot comment 1080.
    • Timelines:
      • Notification of Intent to Ballot is Feb 25
      • Final Documents to Lynn by April 1.
      • Ballot opens Friday April 6.
    • Calls scheduled for 1:00 Wednesdays starting on February 7th, 2017
      • Changed during planning session to Tuesday 12n ET starting Feb 6 alternating with UTG.

Action items

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