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Attending WGM

Tues 3PM

Tues 4PM

Wed 3PM

Thurs 3PM

Thurs 4PM

Bryn Rhodes X X
Carmela Couderc MITRE X X X
Caroline Macumber Clinical Architecture X X X
Davera Gabriel Johns Hopkins ICTR X
Joe Bormel Cognitive Medical Systems X
Julie James X
Marc Duteau Duteau Design Inc. X
Matt Szczepankiewicz Epic
Patty Craig X X
Paul Denning MITRE X X
Peter Muir PJM Consulting LLC X X
Reuben Daniels Saludax X
Rob McClure MD Partners, Inc. X X X
Sandy Stuart Kaiser Permanente X
Susan Matney Intermountain Healthcare X
Ted Klein Klein Consulting Informtics X X
Thomson Kuhn ACP X X

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