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Sydney WGM Discussion to occur Friday 2/7/2020 Q2 11-12:30p AEDT in Vocab room (TBD)

Conference Call Meetings occur every other week - Tuesdays @ 2pm EST for 60 min. - alternating with VBS

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    Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
    Participant Passcode: 495389
    Or use the built-in VOIP of FreeConferenceCall

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We are now using the Free Conference Call Webinar system. Please join using the following
    Online Meeting Link:
    Online Meeting ID: vocabOnline Meeting Link:
    Online Meeting ID: vocab

Tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Robert Hausam to find how a max binding is actually specified in FHIR. It does not appear to be described as a part of the binding in ElementDefinition, it is an Extension. What we need is a way to put in a textual description of the max which seems to require the use of a value set. See [#22794] Maybe consider using markdown as a choice for max extension.
Robert Hausam2019-07-30 Meeting notes
Robert Hausam2019-06-18 VSE Agenda/Meeting note
Robert Hausam2019-06-04 VSE Agenda/Meeting note
Robert Hausam2019-02-12 VSE Agenda/Meeting note
  • May need to create a more clear interaction diagram to make clear where context or expansion comes from.
2017-12-19 VSE Agenda/Meeting note

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