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PLEASE READ: These pages have been replaced by Vocabulary Maintenance at HL7 and will soon be archived. 

Information Contained on this Page

This page links to all documentation related to the Unified Terminology Governance (UTG) process for vocabulary maintenance at HL7. There are links to all educational session recordings and documentation.  The major sections are for submitting a vocabulary change proposal, and reviewing and voting on the change proposals. 

Educational Sessions

If you are thinking "What on earth is UTG?", then we recommend that you check out the following two sessions on UTG. 

The HL7 Terminology - check out this video for a brief introduction to the HL7 Terminology

Terminology Governance and Publishing at HL7 - check out this video for a more in depth session on the HL7 Terminology, including the representation of HL7 product family content and an introduction to the UTG process. No need to check out the first video if you watch this one, as it builds upon the first video!

Reviewing and Voting on HL7 Vocabulary Change Proposals -  see the following tutorial on reviewing and voting on change proposals. This session walks HL7 Terminology reviewers through the Unified Terminology Governance voting process for vocabulary maintenance at HL7. Reviewers will learn how examine a change proposal and cast a vote. The session will also cover the mechanics behind consensus review, including voter groups, vote weights, the consensus review workflow and possible outcomes for a change proposal. It is highly recommended that you watch the 'Terminology Governance and Publishing at HL7' session prior to this session.

COMING SOON!: We are currently working on a set of training sessions that will step vocabulary change proposers through he process of submitting a proposal. They will be posted here once complete.

Submitting a Vocabulary Change Proposal:

So... you've identified a need for a vocabulary change but you aren't sure where to start. Well, you've come to the right place! The documentation below covers the process of becoming a vocabulary change submitter, installing and configuring the correct tools, creating the vocabulary changes, and submitting them for review by the HL7 community.

***UTG Submitter Documentation***

Reviewing and Voting on Vocabulary Change Proposals:

Perhaps you landed on this page because some fine folks have been bugging you to review and vote on their vocabulary change proposal (wink). The pages below will walk you through the process of reviewing and voting on a change proposal, including how to comment on proposals or watch proposals that you are interested in. You can also configure your notifications so you are in the loop of proposals in the queue and their status. 

***Consensus Review and Voting***

***Setting Up Notifications for UTG Proposals***

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