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This page includes all open UTG tasks as of 11/09/20 categorized by milestones. 

Tasks to be addressed following large-scale rollout (these are post rollout priorities):

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Should Table Content Point to Particular Version of CS?

PolicyTed, Vocab, V2
Yes, agreed between Ted and Carol.   Ted to add property for this for v2tables..xml, and to write up the instructions for the value to be placed in there for Dave.   Update:  No, on discussion with Lloyd. Needs review with Carol.   It may need to be done for the ballot-bound V2 code systems.

Add deprecation information in Provenance resources for value sets and code systems for coremif gen support

ContentTed, DaveIN PROGRESS
Get the new codes for Designation Use value set into FHIR properly ContentRob HIN PROGRESS

Some are already in approved tracker tickets but have never been implemented. FHIR content (code systems) include the code 'display' - addressing the missing 3 values will remove nearly 1700 warnings/errors from UTG build. 

This will likely be addressed in FHIR 4B. Will continue to follow up on it but not required for Go-Live

Straighten out interaction with V2 ContentContentV2 group

Determine if Expansions Should State 'Active Codes From' Instead of 'All'



Some V2 Concept Statuses are Listed as both 'A' and 'Deprecated'



Need a list of which ones. These are wrong in the source.

Locate and Document Code and Processes to Create Cached Local Images for External Standards


Needs discussion with Ted, Lloyd, Grahame

Create Manifest for Ballot-Bound Content

Ted must create the manifests for the ballot-bound content in all the product lines.  This is to properly handle the erroneous submissions (see task ballot bound content below). Need to review with Paul and Austin.
Unify use of 'status'ContentTed, Grahame
Product families are using different status values. Need to determine how to address this.
Unify use of 'publisher'ContentTed
Publisher field varies across product families
Talk to V2 publishing group to see when v2-published list should be updatedContentTed

Represent Authoritative SourceContentTed

Check some erroneous V3 value setsContentTed
There are some value sets that seem erroneous from V3. A few examples are Flush, Dissolve, Douche, and PatchDrugForm. Many include a code and then exclude the same code. 

Unify ObservationInterpretation

ContentRob H

Deprecated field using codes instead of dateTimeContentTedNEEDS RESEARCHFor v2 and some of this is breaking v3 generator
Add Copyright Statement for All External Code Systems with ContentContentReubenIN PROGRESS

SNODENT and HealthcareProviderTaxonomyHIPAA have content. HPC, Iso_3166_2, MediaType, PHManufacturersOfVaccinesMVXCDCNIP, PHRaceAndEthnicityCDC (dup), and PHVaccinesAdministeredCVXCDCNIP display a subset of content (unsure if action needed for those).

Note from Reuben:  all code system resources in UTG for external code systems should have a copyright data element regardless of whether it is a stub or has actual content. So, to that end, I'm going to mapping all the fields from the HTA external code systems information pages to the FHIR CodeSystem resource so that we can start moving that content into UTG. Copyright is definitely one of those elements. To discuss on UTG call 10/13. 

Jess to check with Reuben.

Add a lightweight process for example code systems  - create a NamingSystem resourceContent?
Need clarification from task force. Discussed on this call: 2020-11-16 Vocab Special Topic Agenda/Minutes (Copy)

Document Manual Workflow for Publishing a Release

WorkflowTed, Josh, Grahame80%
Determine why only lastest commit displays on ticketWorkflowJosh

Workflow Handling of Ballot-Bound ContentWorkflowJosh, Ted

1.  When in a proposal, reject on submit validation and notify submitter that this content is not maintained through the UTG Process.

2.  When a new spec version normative is released (any product family) the de-facto new terminology object in that new version that are ballet bound get imported in the SoT workflow.  Operations to do this must be defined psst UTG initial release (Ted)

Implement HTA Interaction

WorkflowTed, Carol, JulieIN PROGRESSInclude the change handling for the external content changes requests and Coordination required with each organization that we have an agreement with. Discuss with HTA

Add validation check at issue submission to ensure branch has been committed

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Reload Page Upon Vote


Validate Proforma ballot ticket

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Bypass Consensus Review and go Directly to Approved

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Sourcetree keeps asking for credential helperWorkflow?
Need to look into settings to see how to avoid this for Mac users
Add Scripts to Enable Changes to Resource HistoryWorkflowTed
Manual unix scripts for now, will automate in Jira later

Checkbox Bypass for Republishing New External Content (Before New HTA Workflow Link is Ready)

WorkflowCarol, Julie
Need to re-discuss with HTA

FHIR Pages Update Integration (FHIR publishing)

Discuss with Grahame
Error installing FHIR R4 ToolkitUTG EditorGrahame
Known issue with FHIR R4 toolkit (to be addressed)
Issue Selecting 'Enumerated' Rule for Value Sets in UTG EditorUTG EditorGrahame
Clicking in the Radio button does nothing, but if you click on the word 'Enumerated' it let's you add codes. Once you add codes it moves it to the 'Selected' radio button even though it is still enumerated. The available area for the Enumerated section needs to be a little taller as you can't tell you have the option to add codes. 
Remove 'extensible' check box for Value SetsUTG EditorGrahame
This is not a FHIR element so it throws errors in the build.

Fix Help > About

Vocab ServerGrahame

Server will not start without CDA folder present

Vocab ServerGrahame

Fix Link for 'Propose a change'IG TemplateTed

Right now this goes right to Jira and people are entering many tickets without understanding the process. Should be linked to the Terminology at HL7 page. 

Steps to propose a change as a subpage of vocabulary maintenance at hl7
streamlined and links for further info, then link to jira project
if this is the first time you are proposing, go to...

Ted needs to ask Lloyd where this setting is. Need to wait until Melva is done with the page to link to. 

Describe History Tracking in Background PageIG TemplateTed

Create tabs for Naming Systems (Identifier Systems, Code System Identifier Registry Items)IG TemplateTed
Per Lloyd
Template Change for Multiple CLDIG TemplateLloyd
Ted needs to determine what is going on 

Create Training Video for Submitting Proposals

EducationJessIN PROGRESSOne of three complete
Need Better Definitions for Properties, including type of propertyDocumentationJess, Ted
Not showing the element type. Need to talk to Lloyd and Grahame as this is really a FHIR issue.
Pull out Extensions and DocumentDocumentationTed

Document Use of Control Manifests for Releases


Add Documentation for Developers using UTGDocumentationJess, Ted
So that Git users can use cmd and not deal with Sourcetree

Tasks to be addressed in 2021 update:

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)
Discuss How to Address FHIR Value Sets in Trial StateContentTed, Grahame, Lloyd

Import Inferred V2 HistoryContent

Document Date URIs were Taken From / Effective Since

ContentTed, Dave T
Requires new element in Naming System

Determine How to Access SOLOR Content with SOLOR API

ContentTed, Keith

Automate Update of Manifests for Newly Added CS and VS


Improve Narratives and Descriptions in the Manifests (List Resources)


Render the Lists (A List Resource Display Tool)


Publisher Values need Unification


HL7 Community

Copyright statements differ for each product family


HL7 Product Line Management Groups

Include Capitalization of Steward Name


Content Unification to Address Standard Naming Conventions Across Product Families


HL7 Community

Address Objects With Non-Unique Symbolic Name Across V2 Content


HL7 Community

Many V2 Code System Descriptions Refere to XAD Segments (Should be Data Type)


HL7 Community

FHIR I to Review List of Schema Bound Code Systems and Determine if any need to be moved to UTG

ContentFHIR I

Enable Updates back to Lantana

ContentTed, Rick, Sean

Compile List of VSAC Issues

ContentTed, Rob M

Handle Updates of External Content

ContentJosh, Ted

Coordination required with each organization that we have an agreement with

Fix Missing Line Breaks in V2 Code Definitions

ContentTed, Dave Trig
Ted to discuss with Lloyd and V2 best way to handle line breaks in IG. HTML markup doesn't support embedded carriage returns.  update:  speak with Grahame about possible issues with the processing of markdown for the definition test blocks.

Additional Characters Being Added to Concept Domain Definition

ContentDave Trig
Concept domain definitions are stored in markdown language, and underscore is a special character in markdown, indicating italics.  This is why the underscores are escaped with a backslash character.  Without the backslash, your example, “Employee_Employer_statusCode” would render in markdown as “EmployeeEmployerstatusCode”, which we do not want.  If you still want definitions in markdown language, then the backslashes are necessary. Ted to talk to Lloyd to see if anything can be done.   Bulletin: Ted to follow up by asking Eric Haas.   

Table 0340 Should Not Be Listed as Concept Domain Only

This is a much larger issue than at first appeared.   The codes historically published are only guidance notes, and never intended to be used in messaging instances in v2.  They have bee deprecated some time ago, and there is no current active HL7 content for this table. It does need to be a concept domain only, but work has to b e done to fix it properly. UTG description tuned up to better describe the situation
Needs to be easier to find V2 TablesContentTed

In addition to having this on our Background pages, a paragraph describing it will be put on the main tab text under CodeSystems->V2

Improve Automation of steps for Submitters to establish BitBucket/SourceTree

WorkflowDevelopment Resource

Link to Documentation based on state of Proposal

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Allow User to Re-Cast Vote


Add validation check at issue creation that searches for possible duplicates

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Automation of Ballot-Bound Content Handling

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Consider Removing 'Create Issue' from Bottom of JIRA Open Issues Page

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Refine Sponsors to Include Dropdown of WGs or Allow Text Entry

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Consider Allowing Search for Existing HL7 Artifact

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Remove Comment Field Upon Clicking 'Draft A Proposal'

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Automate Transition to Merge Branch from BitBucket into GitHub Trunk

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Create Workflow for when New CS or VS is Proposed

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Involves new version number, utg.xml updates, control manifest edits, all committed with GitHub. Consensus review needs to add manifest entry so it renders. Needs to be documented.Currently manual, will automate in R2

Consider Renaming 'Change Objects' to 'Related HL7 Artifact(s)'

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Status Code is Missing in Expansion

IG PublisherGrahame

Make Property URLs Clickable

IG PublisherGrahame

Allow Way to Differentiate Objects with same <name>

IG PublisherGrahame

Allow a Way to Search for Objects

IG PublisherGrahame

Allow Import of Multiple Stewards

IG PublisherGrahame

Add Time Stamp to Date on CI Build

IG PublisherGrahame

Add Ability to edit Lists (Manifests) in EditorUTG EditorGrahame

Update UTG Editor to support added extensionsUTG EditorGrahame
Need to see what extensions are missing. Create Zulip record.

V2 Publishing Database Interfacing (V2 publishing)


Create Diagram to show how Templates, Construction, and Recording of Process is in UTG


Add Release Documentation for Individual Changes in a Release


Tasks to be addressed post-Release 2:

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Support Supplements and Fragments


Add Support for ConceptMap

Content/IG PublisherGrahame

Art Décor Publishing

PublishingTed, Alexander

FHIR I to Review Internal FHIR Value Sets and Determine if any need to be moved to UTG (and create manifest)

ContentFHIR I

Agreements for Republishing New External Content

ContentCarol, Julie

Figure out Process for Creation of New IG

WorkflowVocab, FHIR I

Response will use HTA template but go through Jira and back into UTG

Add JIRA Configuration for Watching IGs in Progress

WorkflowTed, Josh

Come Up A Better Way to Represent 'Draft A Proposal'

WorkflowJosh, Ted

Draft a Proposal is done after you enter most proposal information. Perhaps use "Define Change Detail".

Difficulty Navigating to object in Proposal Workflow

The 'Published Example' link brings you to the Home page for a proposal branch. It can be difficult to figure out where to go to find the modified object. A branch is associated to a set of things you vote on together so they must be controlled together. 

Automate Push to GitHub

WorkflowDevelopment Resource

Properly Render Extensions

IG PublisherGrahame

Address Difficulty Navigating Pages with Many Columns

IG TemplateHL7 Community
Determine if some columns could be removed for ease of use

Improved Display of Multiple Hierarchy

UTG Editor



Tasks to be addressed prior to large-scale rollout:

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)
Add Naming System for every external Code SystemContentReubenDONE
Correcting of remains erroneous v3 coremif-imported NUCC bad codes (those ending in 'N')Content Rob McClure/TedDONENeed to create retired tab and moving of the NUCC retired value set to it. Ted is moving to a retired Value Set tab, but requires extension from Grahame.

Update uris from Canada

ContentTed, Dave TWON'T DOThis is being handled through HTA and Andrea

Expansion Versions Date for V2 Value Sets Incorrect (Should be UTG Version)




Update R2.0 CDA Domains (Add them as Synonyms)

Fix URL for NamingSystem.title extension where still not fixedContent Ted/ReubenDONE
Fix FHIR R5 versions being imported to UTGContent Ted, GrahameDONEWe absolutely need a solution for the versioning issue with the imported FHIR code systems rooted at -they were all 4.2.0 when imported, the R5 preview set then to 4.4.0 whether or not they changed, and we have an adopted and approved Vocabulary WG policy on CS versioning which this also violates. We need to solve this and apply the solution for the 2.0.0 release
Fix coremif generatorContentLloydDONE1.0.0 mif is identical to 1.0.18 mif
Fix Table 0910 IssueContentTed, ReubenDONEDiscuss with Reuben, related to DICOM

Add Support for Printname and Description in Multiple Languages (CodeSystem.concept.designation.*)

ContentGrahame, LloydDONEDone as far as the tooling and rendering. There may be more translations added later.

Import of Foreign Language Translation Files (Base or Supplement?)

ContentDave TDONEDone as far as the tooling and rendering. There may be more translations added later.

Add HL7VersionIntroduced


Add Extension for Historical Ids

ContentGrahamWON'T DOWill be done in Naming System

Add Support for Printname and Description in Multiple Languages (CodeSystem.concept.designation.*)

ContentGrahame, LloydDONEDone as far as the tooling and rendering. There may be more translations added later.

Import of Foreign Language Translation Files (Base or Supplement?)

ContentDave TDONEDone as far as the tooling and rendering. There may be more translations added later.
Finding some way to suppress the classes of warnings so the build is more tractable for finding 'real' errors. IG PublisherGrahameDONE

Ensure Objects are Listed Alphabetically

IG PublisherTedDONE

V3 Code Systems needs fixing

Get process for merging approved ticket changes into the UTG Git Master more repeatable and less fragile so we can go to industrial productionWorkflowTed, JoshDONE
Mailing list setup for UTG participants to sign up to be a reviewer/voter. WorkflowTed, JoshDONEThe plan is for this to be a simple send to an email address which will be rerouted to Joshua Procious and Ted Klein to add the person's permissions settings to the UP JIRA project. The other half is a system for WG cochairs to request SGB to add a named person as an oversight group voter to one of the identified Groups for the change request types. Can use same mail system so it can be vetted and then forward to SGB.

Modification of utg.xml file in branch for version ID

WorkflowJosh, TedDONE

Manual first (must document process steps), automate later. Just need to document the steps.

Modification of utg.xml file for CI Build version updates

WorkflowJosh, TedDONE

Manual first (must document process steps), automate later. Just need to document the steps.

Add Ability to Report a Tooling or Content Issue

WorkflowJosh, TedDONENeed to have a way to report tooling issues. Maybe something in the Confluence Page (email or chat log)

Obtain Approval and Counts for Final Voting Weights (from SGB)

WorkflowTedDONEDid not receive communications about it so it is considered done and can be configured later.

Configure Final Voting Weights and Requirements

Add Statecox for User to Verify that they have checked all referenced Code SystemsWorkflowJoshDONE

Bug with Value Set's Displaying 'All Codes From' When Not True

IG PublisherGrahameDONE

Update Verbiage on Rendered Pages

IG TemplateTedDONEInitial verbiage in, will be continuously updated
Add links to UTG pages on IGIG TemplateJessDONEAdded links to UTG pages on Confluence as well as educational materials

Document how to check Status of Branch

DocumentationTed, JoshDONE

Sourcetree should notify if master has been updated so you can look, and decide to pull or disregard

Document how UTG will use Naming Systems


Document all Vocabularies that are Out of Scope (structural, ballot-bound)


Convenience copies out of scope for maintenance AND Ballot-bound content. Need list of V3 schema artifacts

Document Updating Value Sets if affected by Code System updateDocumentationJess DONESee

Discuss Education with Sadhana and Education Committee


There are 4 categories of target audiences: community at large (overall description), HL7 membership and vocab users (access and download), reviewers (getting login w/ permissions, understanding voting, viewing content, etc.), proposal writers (tooling)

Create Intro Video for General PublicEducationJessDONE
Create Introduction to HL7 Terminology and UTG for HL7 CommunityEducationJessDONE

Create Training Video for Reviewing Proposals


Run through harmonization process with UTG tooling

Pilot PrepTed, JessDONE

Tasks to be addressed that were identified in the Pilot Test that will be addressed pre-Go Live (all other identified issues not required for Go Live were categorized into the appropriate release below):

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)
Add HL7Realm CS to unifiedContentTedDONE
Unable to see diff in SourcetreeWorkflow
CANNOT REPRODUCEAttempting to reproduce
Implemented Proposals still show as 'Unresolved'WorkflowJoshDONE
Clicking 'Clone in Sourcetree' doesn't work until the user logs in to the Sourcetree appWorkflowJessDONENeed to document this for first time users
Voting issues with 'Other' Proposal TypesWorkflowJosh, TedDONEDid not display voting requirements and groups. This was not an issue with 'Other' but rather linking tickets in Jira. 
Not able to see Development section in Jira to create branchWorkflowJoshDONEThis is a permission thing that has to do with the first time a user is set up with a Jira login. They must choose to allow Jira to communicate with BitBucket. Instructions need to be noted in the documentation.

Define Process for External Proposals

WorkflowJosh, TedDONEMight use check box that acts as a blocker
Fix 'ValueSet' tab on build pagesIG Publisher
DONEValueSet should be Value Set for consistency
May want to add documentation about making multiple changes in parallelDocumentationJessWON'T DOWhile multiple changes in parallel (multiple instances of UTG Editor and Vocab Server) are possible, we might want to encourage users to start with one instance at a time. Advanced users will likely go ahead and do this anyway if needed. 
Need to Document ConceptsDocumentationJessDONEDoes not exist on build pages or Word doc
Need Documentation for Removing Code Systems and Value SetsDocumentationJessDONEThis involves editing lists.
Need Documentation for Adding Code Systems and Value SetsDocumentationJessDONEThis involves editing lists.
Slashes in branch name cause build to failDocumentationJessDONEDocument that no slashes should be used in the branch name. Characters that are valid in the URL are OK.
Clarify documentation for cloning a branch to select the proposal branch (not master)DocumentationJessDONEProbably make it step 20b (or part of 20a) rather than 21.
Need better explanation for adding 'cda' folder (this is a temporary work around)DocumentationJessDONE

Reword to:

IMPORTANT: There is a bug with the Vocabulary Server that requires creating an empty folder labeled “cda” in the downloaded UTG Source of Truth content. Add the empty folder to the ‘sourceOfTruth’ folder prior to starting the Vocabulary Server. The folder path location should be like: C:\Users\username\Documents\UP-65\input\sourceOfTruth\cda.

Final Layout of Intro Confluence for HL7 Terminology MaintenanceDocumentationJessDONENeed instructions on how to be a submitter or reviewer
Provide guidance for naming cloned repository (i.e. UP-66)DocumentationJessDONENeed to update in documentation

Tasks to be addressed post-initial release of UTG Content and pre-Pilot test (Pilot test week of 5/11):

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Enlist Frank to do final test V2 Resources

Determine how OIDs will be generatedContentTedDONEsee OID Generation
Rework Product Family Check BoxesWorkflowTed, JoshDONE

V2 Vocabulary (Including Tables)

Unified Vocabulary (Including Concept Domains)

V3 Vocabulary 

Other (do we need to mention CDA here?)

Remove CIMI

Rename UP ProjectWorkflowTed, JoshDONEShould be something like 'UTG Terminology Change Proposals'
Configure Notifications for UTG Proposals by Workflow StateWorkflowJoshDONE

These filters, along with a link to opt-in (subscribe), are:

Consensus Review:

Meeting Needed:


Sent for Implementation:


Ensure Version History Link Works

IG PublisherGrahameDONEThis is on the bottom banner of the rendered pages
Redirects Not WorkingIG PublisherTedDONE

Create Structured Guidance for UTG Resources to Support v2, v3, CDA, and fhir


Floyd may be able to help for V3 and Rob Hausam for FHIR. Done for Pilot.

Contact all Individuals who submitted an applicable Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB)

Pilot PrepJessDONE

Discuss Craig's V2 HL7nnnn Proposal

Pilot PrepTed, Carol, CraigDONE

Create Jira logins for testers

Pilot PrepJoshDONENeed to verify permissions
Create Jira logins for reviewersPilot PrepJoshDONEOSG voters and Super voters have been configured per Working Group. Anyone with a Jira login can participate

Hold Training session for testers

Pilot PrepTed, JessDONEHeld on 5/26

Tasks to be addressed prior to the initial release of content (for release date of on or around May 1; most fixes need to be done manually):

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)

Update CDA Value Sets


Set Dates for Context Bindings with MnM

PolicyTed, Grahame, Lloyd, Dave TrigDONETed and Lloyd concur that this has always been reset to the coremif release date, and there is little reason to put much extra effort into discovery of the real dates way in the past and try to apply them.   Set all dates for these to January 1, 2020 as boilerplate in the next import.
Address Missing Code 'att' for AttachmentsContentTedDONENeeds to be added manually post-last load. May still be an issue since we are referencing R4. Also need to discuss with Grahame.

No Expansions for Several Value Sets (Reference is Incorrect)

ContentTedDONELookup when VS does not have a local CS.  Hard to find until we remove the thousands of other errors so we can find these
Publisher Not Displaying OID in Resource of External Code SystemsContentTedDONE

Implement Release Versioning

ContentTed, GrahameDONECoordinate folders with DJ. Plan is set.  Only remaining item is figure out the workflow to document changes going forward.  Requires publisher v0.88 or later.

Create UTG logo and color scheme

IG TemplateTedPUNTThe one that Grahame and Ted threw together is what we are going with since we cannot get any input or response from anyone else at HL7.

Provide Text for Disclaimer banner

IG TemplateTedDONEI think; all banners actually look ok right now (Ted)

Extend Capability of the FHIR Release Process to do UTG Release

IG PublisherGrahameDONE
Fix Issue with Value Set Expansion using Is-A as FilterIG PublisherGrahameDONESomething is broken with the value set expansions on the UTG publisher build - many of them are not expanding a hierarchy with include.filter.op value="is-a". Details on one that illustrates the problem can be found in the Google Doc at
Allow Expansion of Value Set FragmentsIG PublisherGrahameDONE
Add Warning when Expansion is Based on Value Set FragmentIG PublisherGrahameDONE

Integration of Core MIF Generation to UTG Build

PublishingGrahame, LLoyd, TedDONEready to go once a new coremif is generated, which cannot happen until the extensions cleanup - generator breaks now until this is done

Generate Updates on UTG Current Releases Page in Published Script


Generate the Initial Release

PublishingGrahame, TedDONEPlanned for May 3-4

Create the Workflow for when Content Issue is Identified but No Proposal for Change

WorkflowJosh, TedDONETed will review with Josh.

Tasks to be addressed prior to the last import of content. These must be completed IMMEDIATELY, prior to April 24 (pushed out three weeks as content issues are still being addressed):

Task Name

Task Category

ResourceStatusComment (if applicable)
Add Usage Notes for V2 and V3 ContentContentDave TrigDONE
Fix URIs for a Handful of ExtensionsContentLloyd, TedDONEMost of the bad URI errors are in extensions to be removed; revisit once import addressing the documented extensions errors is done
Remove Extensions No Longer Being UsedContentDave TrigDONERemove code-system-legalese and resource-history extensions
Remove V2 'generate' PropertiesContentDave TrigDONE

Fix CLD Value Being Assigned 1 By Default

ContentDave TrigDONE

Missing V2 Usage Notes, Comments, Comment as Pub

ContentDave TrigDONE
Define All ExtensionsContent LloydDONEExtension Google Doc is Up-to-date (minus the new ones - need to update)
Fix Display value being populated instead of Code value where extra language designations existContentDave TrigDONEExample is v3-RoleCode
Fix incorrect system URI for hl7TermMaintInfraContentDave TrigDONENeeds to be
Determine why Binding Strengths are not RenderedIG PublisherDave TrigDONENot publisher issue, importer issue
Errors thrown from Concept Domains about Extensions not being allowedContentTed, LloydDONE
Valueset-hl7-assocConceptProp extension 'not allowed'ContentTed, LloydDONE
Import Values for Supported PropertiesContentDave TrigDONENeed to import extension properties

Import Committee for FHIR Objects

ContentTed, LloydDONEthis is a Grahame issue; Ted needs to raise it with him. Was supposed to be fixed inn publisher v0.83, but still seems to be some problems.
Add extension for Naming System version and populate ContentLloydDONEVersions were added post R4 but IGs reference R4. Extension was added but needs to be populated. Extension is
Many FHIR Links are not resolvingContentTed, GGDONESee consentAction. Need to verify with Grahame that they will go away when we do first release.
Internal build error for several resourcesContentTed, GGDONEEx: vs-v2-0725 which likely references v3. Might be after last import, need to investigate.
Fix FHIR Import issuesContentTed, Lloyd, GrahameDONEMight be issue when canonical URI and ID don't match. Policy says that they should match. Need to discuss with Grahame.
New Tasks for next import from 3/28-4/9:

Added by Ted as a result of weekend work with Lloyd
In conceptdomais.xml, duplicate binding strength property entries (see AcknowledgementDetailCode)ContentDave TrigDONEWas due to an invalid extension and a populated concept property as well. 
Remove resource-concept-binding-strength extensionContentDave TrigDONE

There is an extension being generated in conceptdomains.xml which should have been removed; it was a replaced with properties like these:

<extension url="">
<valueCode value="CWE"/>
<code value="contextBindingC1-valueSet"/>
<valueString value="2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.19638"/>

have not been removed.  They need to be as they were replaced with properties.

For V2 tables with code system information mapped to FHIR CodeSystem resources, it is unclear where the Effective Date value is mapped to. For example, in 0001 (Administrative Sex) the Effective Date value is "01.11.2000" (1-Nov-2000). However, this date does not appear in the generated FHIR CodeSystem ( Instead, has a value of "2019-12-01T00:00:00+00:00".ContentDave TrigNON ISSUEIt is the effective date of the table, not the Code System. Ted will discuss with Reuben why this isn't an issue. 
For V2 tables with code system information mapped to FHIR CodeSystem resources, is HL7 Version Introduced (from Code System Version Information in Chapter 2C) deliberately not being mapped to the FHIR CodeSystem?Content/PolicyDavid Trig, TedNON ISSUESee above. 

Populate extension for


Turns out an additional extension is needed for value sets that we didn't think we needed (incorrect material there from original IMO work). URI for the associated concept properties is now not the one in there from IMO at the FHIR location. Lloyd created the new extension over the weekend.

Ted needs to talk to Lloyd.

Need <title> in NamingSystem generated resourcesContentDave TrigDONE

this will get rid of many errors.  It must be populated with the Code System name from the coremif or the v2 database.  It is a new extension

Incorrect version-introduced values in V2 Tables ContentDave Trig, Ted, BrianDONE

In the V2Tables CodeSystem, the value for version-introduced (in, where property.code="v2-version-introduced") all have a value of "2.9"

Discuss with Brian Pech, might need property for tables-version for v2-tables.xml and should be set for 2.9 initially. 

Ted to add additional property for table introduced HL7 version.  Dave to populate with the mob column for version introduced.

Property for version the table was a introduced (column HL7tables.version_introduced in mdb) is:   


Note that a his integer must be used to look up the version id in table HL7Versions.  The column with the integer is version_id, the column to be put in the string property is hl7_version.

Property that we previously used for introduced now refers explicitly to v2 cs and vs.n. The value for this property should be set to "2.9";  the name of this property is now:  


This will be updated manually after the last import for those tables that a are associated with V3, FHIR, or External code systems and/or value sets.

Value of V2 CodeSystem.valueSet does not include a version (as is allowed for the canonical(ValueSet) data type PolicyTedWILL NOT DO 

Need clarification from Reuben. Probably requires a content change. 

I updated the description to make the requirement more clear.

For V2 tables with code system information mapped to FHIR CodeSystem resources, the CodeSystem.valueSet element is included for the implicit value set consisting of all the concepts in the CodeSystem. However, the value of CodeSystem.valueSet does not include a version (as is allowed for the canonical(ValueSet) data type e.g. "<valueSet value="|2.1.0"/>" as opposed to "<valueSet value=""/> . I would suggest this be included.

Do only for those based on to FHIR code systems.  Do manually after last import

Discussed with Lloyd and he believes this should NOT be done, especially in light of the Vocab WG polices that the v2.x published spec is a snapshot of the current tables but for all nonn-ballot–bond tables the latest versions should be used.

Error in concept domains.xmlContentDave TrigDONE

The canonical url and id must match.  we currently generate:

<id value="conceptdomains"/>
<url value=""/>

Needs to both be the same as current id:  "conceptdomains"

Remove HCPCS and the four NUBC Code Systems from externalContentTed to remove manuallyDONE

Per HTA decision on 4/1/20

Add the entry for table 396 to the v2 code system manifestContentTedDONE
The deprecation information extension is still be generated. Needs to be removed.ContentDave TrigDONEThe entry is still being generated in a bunch of the code systems and value sets.  We agreed in the extensions document that this would be done later in Provenance.  This needs to be removed from the import.

There are still Open Issue extensions in some of the resources, they have not all yet been removed.  e.g. 

v3/codeSystems/v3-AcknowledgementType.xml.   The extension is unknown, and not allowed here

ContentDave TrigDONE
Fix URI for  <version> element in the NamingSystem resource generation - the extension has been createdContentDave TrigDONEthe URI of the extension is 

<url value=""/>

In many of the v3 resources, the id of the object has a hyphen in I and <name> does not - e.g. 

<name value="xLabProcessClassCodes"/>

<id value="v3-xLabProcessClassCodes"/>

The <name> and <id> must match, and neither can have hyphens; these can only be in <title>

ContentDave TrigDONE

This was originally fixed for <name> but not for <id>. Needs fixing.

<name> can have underscores, but no other punctuation. <id> can have periods and dashes. URL must end with the id
<name> and <id> do not need to match
<name> needs to be UpperCamelCase
<title> is unrestricted and should hold what we extract from V2 mdb and V3 coremif for the names.
<id> is typically lower-case, though that's not mandatory

Dave did fix the <name> of some Value Sets so that they are upper camel case

The generated NamingSystem resources need to have added to them the url elementcontentDave TrigDONE


<url value=""/>

where "nnnn" is the same value as used in the <id> (previously was specified to use <name> but that's incorrect)

Import Deprecated status and datesContentReubenDONE
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