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This page links to pages that were archived. Many of these contain requirements and early design decisions made in previous WGMs. 

  1. Architecture
  2. Design Information
  3. Requirements (original and from PoC)
  4. Requirements from Prototype Demonstration (Baltimore WGM)
  5. JIRA Prototype Notes
  6. Link to Notes on the UTG persistence model
  7. Implementation Information
  8. Change Proposals Support
  9. External Terminology Objects
  10. Planning for Pilot Implementation (target January 2019 WGM)
  11. Planning for Pilot Shakedown (March 2019 Harmonization cycle)
  12. Release Process Design and Implementation
  13. Consensus Process (Voting) Design
  14. Tools and Software 
  15. Critical UTG Content Tasks
  16. Archived Documentation
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