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Discussion items

13:45IntroductionsRob Hausam


13:55BackgroundRob Hausam

Summary of Activities with SNOMED International was provided

Current activities include:

  • legacy issues
  • how to use SNOMED CT with HL7 information models - implemetnation guides for this were in the V3 ballot.

A joint activity between SNOMED International and HL7 was discussed. It was asked is this a formal joint activity or are we attending your call today and it is primarilly a SNOMED International Workgroup looking to see how they would like to see SNOMED used in Hl7 artifacts.

  • Terms of reference are developed and the groups are working together. This is done under the mutual benefit and need approach but is not formally sanctioned project or working group. After some further consideration a project may evolve to progress Terminfo further.
 Allergy and Intollerance workDaniel Karlson

There are snomed example value sets for substances and some concept models. This work is to support the International Patient Summary.

Alergy and intolerance binding - might include a causative agent which could be a substance or a product. There are some things which can be done safely and some which are probably less safe.

There are precoordinated codes in SNOMED many of which came into snomed through Reed II (late 1980's early 1990's). The profile on alergy/intolerance was reviewed. The binding mechnaisms were discussed. When profiles are created they could be offered to the snomed members to adopt (hard rules) or you could offer as a best practic eprofile which can be rovided to the community as an exemplar (suggested method).

The group were keen to consider how the profile would be used. For example common use cases (not including seasonal allergies).


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