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Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items

  • UTG Persistance Model Enhancements

A FHIR list resource will be added which lists vocabulary objects, including source of truth location and additional details.

One list will exist for each external code system (interface) we deal with. How this will interact with VSAC needs to be managed as we currently need to establish a method of dealing with licensing requirements for NLM.

The details for processes for management of this content still ened to be considered in more details.

Publishing based groupings are purpose based - which would be easiest to be managed through a FHIR List for V3 core MIF and for V2 Chapter

A list supports cross product family use case.

There is also work underway to unify content as well as structures and process. The new folder (non product dependent) is the UNIFIED folder.

Since November Harmonisation there should be a refresh of content with the latest versions, but this has not happened yet. There were bugs in the import process which need to be fixed. Changes to extensions and resources the code has to be modified to populate updated resources with the new extensions.

Question: V2tables.xml resource has pointers to existing tables. a property needs to be added where the metadata changes where the code content does not. i.e. a new field might be added, or wording updates to the table description may occur which do not currently impact the versioning. In this case the metadata should be versioned but the value set content itself might not change. Each V2 table is represented as an entry which if a value set - a pointer to the value set, if a code system a pointer to the code system, if it is neither then it indicates the concept domain.

Known bugs nclude: definition value has been populated with display value - this will be fixed. The misisng components have been notified to grahame.

Do we need to represent the V2 tables in a different way, or is the approach documented adequate.

  • There is a need for the URI as well as the OID
  • Suggest oid for the v2 table project be vdoid
  • Codesystem resource functions well for the task being asked
  • csoid and vsoid are references to an existing resource from V2
  • the intent that all pointers are consistent and point to each other through a central reference of metadata
  • the current urls may not be correct as they may be temporary during the loading process
  • Further work on VSE

see Value Set Definition (VSD) Project documents

Language and /or character set expanses expression: This issue impacts both codes and display names (e.g. where non arabic character set is used)

V2 has two components in the header of the message: Language - the language of the human readable string but also Character set (including ASCI, UNICODE etc). It is not clear whether modern interfaces can manage different scripts or character represenation forms as script. The concept of script has not been actively considered in current represenations.

Discussion: a code is a code and the language meaning is not important, the language meaning is in the designation (display name). Therefore the reference to language has been removed.

  • the Use case where a code system might use two different representations is not covered. There must be at least one concept representation that is an identifying represenation (identifies a unique concept in a code sytem) there may be multiple concept represenations - such as descriptive terms. When the concept representation is identifying we call these codes, when descriptive we call it a designation. Where there is more than one concept representation which meets this purpose the one which is intended as the unique identifier for informaiton exchange is the code.

Individual concept members in the expansion

  • When creating an expansion you must follow the rules for concept members. Additional concept-based informaiton as sdescribed by an expansion profile that is specified in the expansion operation parameters.
  • Note: that given that members of a value set expansion are concept codes, and ocncepts may have multiple codes, users can include code-specific information for each member and multiple memb3rs of the expansion may be associated for one concept in the code system.
  • FHIR versioning and value set identifier

Action items

  • Ted Klein Check the URL identifiers used are valid in the  reference.  The identifier system of URLs may not have been imported appropriately.   Check the FHIR definition of identifier. 
  • Rob McClure Need to change the way code and code system are managed in VSD -  a solution is needed which allows 1:* relationships 

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