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Attendance can be found here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found here

Discussion items - see documentation in Vocabulary Binding Semantics (VBS) Project - INACTIVE

11:00BindingRob M and Ted K
  • Goals for the WGM
    1. Resolve how to describe a deterministic expansion
      1. How similar should this be to a concept domain?
      2. If the value set reference is not immediately resolvable to an expansion, what artifact supports that resolution?
      3. Is it possible to do this in a way that simple situations do not need the "resolution artifact?"
      4. Can we allow this to identify a code system only?
    2. Ability to send text only
    3. Begin to describe how to support "other codes"
  • Initial discussion:  For some time we have focused on all the individual things that binding needs to do, business behaviors and constraints. FHIR has demonstrated with expansion profile - that a combnation of the binding with the parameterisation and constraint mechanism against the value set definition to produce an expansion and the expansion profile to which it is bound.
    • Issues; this can be done witout a data element or with a data element which makes it a multipurpose artifact.
    • Perhaps this approach is best as these things are NEVER separatable.

Questions: how to allow additional codes into the deterministic value set expansion:

  • same or different identifier
  • same or different CLD version
  • same of different expansion
  • codes or text
  • what happens with those things we put outside the scope

Specific discussion was on how to describe the deterministic expansion, ability to send text only, and how to support "other codes'"



 Deterministic Binding 
  1. Must specify a value set identifier (this identifier should always be the same for any value set definition version and any expansion based on one of the value set definition versions) that can be resolved to a document or location that describes a value set definition that is conformant with the VSD specification
  2. Must specify the value set version and all needed code system versions to be used (if not specified within the value set definition) to create an expansion. If these versions are not specified within the IG binding, then the following precedence is to be followed to determine this information:
    1. For each value set specify the value set definition version and code system version within parameters to be used by the expansion process, if not provided then
    2. Define an external artifact that specifies the value set definition version and code system version information not already specified. This artifact can be specific to a single value set OR apply to multiple value set ids, if not provided then
      1. <Example: In FHIR this would be an Expansion Profile. For the external artifact to support definition of value set definition version and code system version(s) across multiple value set ids the FHIR expansion profile will need to be extended. VSAC does this with the VSAC expansion profile but that is not value set specific.>
    3. the HL7 default for value set and code system version to be used is "currently available."
  3. Motion to accept: Ted/Rob 11/0/0

Action items